Aux armes, Citoyens !!!

Published on by Winnie

Aux armes, citoyens !!!


Brethren, all of you who can be present at Pisan tomorrow May 4th at 6 p.m., please make the effort. In a totally illegal move François Stifani intends to replace the Lutèce PGM, Pierre Cohen. Tomorrow at 6 p.m. the Ex Grand Master intends to install the new PGM and his college of Provincial Officers.


Claude Seiler, President of FMR, calls upon every Brother who can be present to prevent this masonic travesty while remaining calm and dignified. link


Pisan, Wednesday may 4th, 6 p.m. …. Be there for the sake of the future of the GLNF !!!

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gars de l'Est 05/04/2011 23:27

Dear Bro Tamino,

My "fugitives" were in fact related to the "No prisoners" used by Winnie and aimed of course at Stifani's followers.

We were not a lot this afternoon, to my eye, but seemed to have deterred the ceremony from being held in the temple. I hope that a longer notice will allow more Brethren to participate on the next
similar occasions.


Winnie 05/05/2011 10:27

Dear Brother,

According to reports there were more than a hundred of you present at Pisan to express the profound opposition of the vast majority of the brethren of the
GLNF to the clownish antics of François Stifani (he merits no title) and his fawnicators (my word). Keep up the good fight. Apparently Stifani performed the ceremony behind closed doors in his
office on the 3rd floor of the bunker. He has so few followers that soon he'll be able to meet with all of them at the same time in a telephone booth and still manage to shut the door

gars de l'Est 05/04/2011 10:04

I'll be there.
Could a face recognition expert also join to help identify all fugitives ?

Tamino 05/04/2011 18:32

We are not fugitives. We are the rightful members of the GLNF. Your presence will be another step towards ridding the GLNF of Stifani and his

Arturusrex 05/03/2011 20:47

The long blade of Excalibur will shine and remain unsullied. The villains in all traditions deserve no more than a short blade!

Arturusrex 05/03/2011 18:44

Arturusrex calls on all the "Knights of the Round Table" to be present at least in thought if nor in flesh and blood.
This to be repeated according to Claude on Saturday. Watch out fore more news and sharpen up you swords. I'm off to clean up old Excalibur.


Winnie 05/03/2011 19:51

Dear Brother King Arthur,

Make sure you dip Excalibur in curare before going to Pisan tomorrow night. No prisoners !!!