Background to recent attempts to found a Grand Lodge of Monaco

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In an article published in the l’Express magazine (a French weekly business publication),(March 18-24 2010 issue), columnist and blogger, François Koch explained the attempts being made by foreign Masonic lodges, the GLNF under F.Stifani, in particular, to get their hands on the Rock.



We learn that Stifani proposed to Prince Albert II to be the first Grand Master of a Grand Lodge of Monaco. to be sponsored by the GLNF.

An intermediary, Franck Nicolas, in the official news sheet of the Principality, dated January 30, 2009, announced the creation of the “National Regular Grand Lodge of the Principality of Monaco” .By the 7th of March of that same year, Stifani  had issued Warrants to three lodges to work in the Principality, whose founding masters were named, and not just anybodies: Claude Boisson, a former vice-president of the Monaco Parliamentary Assembly; Jean-Pierre Pastor, Consul for the Principality of Monaco to Cuba; and Franck Nicolas, an old school friend of the Prince’s.

It is reported that at the same time, two other Masonic bodies: an American-Canadian Grand Lodge, and the Grand Orient of Germany, were endeavoring to establish themselves on the Rock.  

Obviously, it was urgent to pip them to the post!

On March 3rd, F.Stifani wrote to the Prince offering to initiate him with the greatest of discretion as a mason and make him first Grand Master of his still to be founded Grand Lodge. The invitation was declined.

It subsequently transpired that the Principality was in discussion with another foreign jurisdiction.

And that, rather briefly summarized, would appear to bring us to today’s most recent events


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