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pic ballooIt has to be the greatest comeback since Lazarus. With typical lawyer’s aplomb, BALLOO the Legal Bear, François Stifani’s personal loophole finder, announces the contrary to what we’ve all been believing since last January 21st… … the GLNF Association administration board is not dead and buried.


According to the tenor of the Paris and Toulon bars it has in fact reconstituted itself little by little since that day in January when they all resigned as a body. I’d like to try the “sole / soul” pun but …


First cab off the rank is the last but 2 of our GM’s, CC. He wasn’t at the meeting and hadn’t given a proxy. So we have a board of 1.


Then (and here the legal gymnastics go into stratospheric heights !), despite having resigned as President, François Stifani believes he is still GM and can appoint Grand Officers. Appointment of Balloo (the same one wears several hats, often at the same time) as Grand Orator, Alain CANO, Ephesse’s favourite lapdog, as DGM, and Etienne LATREILLE as the man with the money. We’re up to 4 !


And N° 5 is obvious… …Miss Monique ! As court appointed administrator she’s a shoe-in as the new interim president of the association. And the minimum necessary to administer the association is… Five !


So, Balloo, Cano and Latreillle send a registered letter to Miss Monique asking her to call a board meeting on January 17th, just 4 days after the appeal court decision. All bets are that the court will throw out Stifani’s appeal and will pronounce itself incompetent on the 2 subsidiary questions :

                  - the distinction between President and GM

- the definition of the electoral college for the future AGM

In the letter the three (a majority of the board) ask for 2 items to be put on the agenda :


the composition of the board (and obviously, the naming of additional members)

the preparation of the General Meeting in February 2012 (no precise date is mentioned and there is no indication of what period this general meeting is supposed to cover)


and they announce that a copy of the letter has been sent to Patrice KURZ, the judge who appointed Miss Monique.


Winnie is by no means a legal whizkid but it sticks out like a sore thumb that this is the latest in François Stifani’s already very long list of delaying tactics. Let’s try on a scenario :


January 13th, the court of appeal throws out Stifani’s appeal and doesn’t address the subsidiary questions. A  new AGM must be held.

January 17th, board meeting of the GLNF Association, election of new members, all mates of FS, and in-depth discussion of the forthcoming AGM

January 18th, letter from the board to Patrice Kurz announcing the constitution of a new board, decision to hold a new AGM “without delay” and demand for the immediate end of Miss Monique’s mandate since she is now superfluous (some would say she has been, right from day one !).

Sometime late January or early February, a meeting of the SGC with principal item on the agenda, re-appointment of Ephesse as GM AND President of the GLNF Association

Sometime late February, a new AGM, accounts refused by the delegates, budget refused, Ephesse refused…

…and the merry-go-round continues...

...and Ephesse is just that much closer to December 2012 (or, perhaps that should read ... ..."December 2017" !!!)






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George Philpott 01/02/2012 00:08

Crikey! you couldn't make this stuff up!

it is like Dracula.. what do you need? stake through the heart? silver bullets?


Winnie 01/02/2012 11:23

Dear George, I promise you, we're not making it up. We thought of silver bullets but it's Stifani and the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker who have the
money, not the opposition. Maybe an official visit to the GL of Transylvania could do the trick.