Be at Pisan on June 17th, VERY IMPORTANT !!!

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Be at Pisan on June 17th, VERY IMPORTANT !!!


Once again the Pisan Bunker team is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. In the fat envelope stuffed with 60 meaningless ordinances there was one important document, one that no doubt François and friends hoped would be overlooked or, be treated too late to have any effect:


The summons to the Ordinary Annual General Meeting of O.A.F. to be held at Pisan at 3 p.m. on Friday June


Why an AGM in June when it is usually held in December, only 7 months late, and why such short notice (they are very close to the legal limit of 15 days prior notification and we are not sure which side of the legal limit line they are on !!!) ???


One of the main objects of the meeting is to approve the accounts for the September 2009 – August 2010 period. Could it be that Big Moustache, President of O.A.F., hopes to get the accounts passed and approved by the members before Maître Legrand gets the final conclusions of the auditors and sends certain files to the public prosecutor ? Could it be that things would look better if everything was neatly wrapped up prior to the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal on June 24th ? LML in English doesn’t have the answers but the questions have the merit of existing.


Who can attend the meeting ? Since all members of the GLNF are de facto members of O.A.F. the simplest answer is, every member of the GLNF.


Who has voting rights ? In theory every member of the GLNF. In practice in the past each Lodge could send 2 voting delegates, normally the Worshipful Master and the Almoner or their authorised representatives.


Who can be an authorised representative ? For example, in the case of a recently formed Lodge, can a supporting member (member de soutien) represent the Lodge ?


LML in English will obtain the answers to these 3 questions.


So, why should you attend the AGM on June 17th ? Or, at least, why should your Lodge be represented by 2 voting delegates ?


Because O.A.F. is one of the sweetest honey pots of the GLNF and it is only at the AGM that you, the members, can ask questions.


Let’s look at a few facts and figures. In 2009, the last known figures OAF had cash reserves of 2 218 K€, constantly rising since its inception. Despite the size of the honey pot it only distributed 282 K€ to the beneficiaries, just 13% of the reserves, despite an annual collect of 678 K€. O.A.F distributed a mere 42 % of its annual collect !!! The principal object of O.A.F. is to help brethren in distress. It is considered good management of an association’s finances to hold cash reserves of one year’s outgoings.  At O.A.F. Big Moustache & friends has taken prudence to new heights, nearly 8 years of reserves !!! WHY ???


Another prickly question : Why does the GLNF ask O.A.F., a charitable organisation, to pay an annual rent of 56K€ , 4670 € a month, 8.25% of the annual sum we contribute to the association ? And how much of this 56 K€ is used to finance various external activities of the upper management of the GLNF ?


More prickly questions : Is it normal that O.A.F financed the travel of some of its members to attend the PGMs seminar in Martinique in 2009 ? Have you ever noticed that none of these seminars for the upper echelon, the so-called “dignitaries” are ever held in some run-down, climate depressed industrial town ?


Is it normal that O.A.F., a charitable institution holds 20% of the capital of Scribe which manages the Pisan carpark, the Pisan canteen (where Château du Paradis is served, the wine produced by Big Moustache), Villard de Honnecourt and the sale of regalia at astronomic prices ? Where is the charity in all that ???


What happened to the 2010-2011 budget ? It wasn’t approved at the last AGM and its not on the agenda for the June 17th AGM


Send delegates from your Lodge to the AGM and vote “NON”, 3 times “NON” !!!


Vote “NON” for the approval of the accounts at the end of the 2009-2010 period.


Vote “NON” for the budget 2011-2012


Vote “NON” for the 2011-2012 O.A/F. compulsory dues.


Pass this information on to every member of every Lodge that you know. Let’s be at Pisan in great numbers on June 17th.


Nil Illegitimus Carborundum !!!

Don’t let the bastard grind you down !!!

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