Bear with us

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You may get the impression that the articles we are posting have no chronological order. You’re right. With very limited means we are attempting to cover the literally thousands of articles posted in French over the past 12 months. And they are attempting to cover 13 years of nepotism, corruption and, more recently, persecution. Bear with us and very soon all will become clear.

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John Sage 12/17/2010 17:11

For me all is pretty clear. Those that surround the GM and Stifani himself have conducted themselves outside the rules, regulations and constitutions of Freemasonry. They are bringing our
and honourable institution into disrepute. You are providing us with the detail and proof. We that are reading the blog appreciate everything that you do. I personally look forwards to every
piece of information posted. I am sure that your hard work is appreciated by all. Let us all keep the faith and continue to put pressure on the GM to go away and leave Freemasonry to Freemasons!