Between a rock and a hard place

Published on by Allan Sanders

Things aren’t getting any better for Ephesse. Scotland has definitively withdrawn Recognition of the GLNF with immediate effect. The Grand Secretary of the UGLE has communicated with all the PGMs and WMs informing them of the Grand Lodge’s intention of withdrawing Recognition at its next meeting of the Board of General Purposes on September 12th,  advising all UGLE members who also hold membership of the GLNF that they will be obliged to choose their camp, preferably immediately. Now the UGLE has taken the unprecedented move of writing to Grand Lodges the world over advising them of its intentions two months hence. link. The usually very discreet Mother Lodge has come out into the open to give a very public display of a stamping of the masonic foot.

And even though we knew it had been a participant in the decision, along with England and Scotland, the Grand Lodge of Ireland has also written to Grand Lodges throughout the world informing them of its immediate withdrawal of Recognition of the GLNF. link

And tomorrow Ephesse is meeting with his few remaining fawnicators (PGMs and National Officers) in Nice to plan a “definitive solution to the crisis”. I can just imagine the atmosphere around the table !!! When will they realize there is no solution coming from their camp ?

We know that Miss Monique’s legal parrot, Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin, has written to Ephesse calling upon him to step down, basing the call on the two slaps in the face Ephesse has received at two successive AGMs. Miss Monique no longer uses the title “Grand Master” when referring to the Pisan duce.

Like Ephesse, Miss Monique has announced her intention to present a "definitive solution to the GLNF crisis". Unlike Ephesse, who stands defiantly and virtually alone with his back to the wall, Miss Monique has all the arms of the French Ministry of Justice at her disposal, she was appointed administrator by a judge, the same judge has prolonged her appointment on several occasions, he has openly supported her handling of the file and she has every power to request the courts to order the liquidation of the GLNF. One judge has even suggested that as the only viable solution. Will Miss Monique take up the option ? The GLNF file is definitely her last case as she is due to retire in a few months. I'm prepared to wager that some time in the next few days (after Ephesse's Nice meeting) she'll ask Justice Kurz to order the placing of the GLNF into liquidation.

Will Ephesse accept the inevitable and go quietly? I doubt it.  I’m betting that he’ll still be clinging to the biggest blue apron tomorrow night as if his very life depended upon it.

In the meantime, Jean Murat, the perpetual bridesmaid, has called upon the Brethren to recognize him as the “interim Grand Master”. The fact that there is absolutely no provision for such a position or title in the GLNF Constitutions, Statutes and By-Laws does not seem to trouble him whatsoever. The charge of the ultra-light brigade ??? He has called upon the PGMs to ignore Ephesse’s summons to Nice and to get in contact with him. link Knowing that most of the PGMs go to bed each night wrapped in their big blue apron I don’t give Murat’s call much chance of success !

As Confucius said, “May you live in interesting times” !!!

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johnwallat 07/20/2012 15:27

No, I'm sorry, I surely am the one to be the grand Master of GLNF, all other competitors are not serious, i said it first!

Allan Sanders 07/20/2012 15:35

Give Brother Johnwallat (to be GM, best change your pseudo to Johnny WALLET), a case of Château Paradis, a case of Malox for the Château Paradis, the XXXXL
blue apron, lots of tacky gilded trinkets to hang all over vone's person, the key to the Pisan 3rd floor executive washroom and the combination to the drinks cupboard. I forgot, give him the Air
Bongo frequent flyer card and a blank application form for appointment as Honorable Consul General for Djibouti in any city of his choosing.