Beware of the dog – the Alsatian bites

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Regular readers of Acacia will be pleased to note that he who foisted the spiritual guide upon us, former GM, Jean-Charles Foellner, French Riviera resident, but of Alsatian origin, has not taken long to reply (in sorts) to last week’s article in Le Point. The Alsation is known to be a breed that not only snarls, it bites.


JCF vehemently protests his innocence, suggesting deliberate misinterpretation of the facts by journalist, Sophie Coignard. Certainly, JCF protests but, to paraphrase Shakespeare “The past GM doth protest too much, methinks.”


If JCF is as persil white as he claims why not call for a complete audit of each and every one of the companies, associations, foundations, trusts, etc that have even the most tenuous link with the GLNF. JCF rejects the suggestions that he may have received remuneration for his activities as manager or administrator of a variety of commercial structures with relations to the GLNF. We at LML in English have no reason to disbelieve him. But, then again, just his say so doesn’t make the question go away. A complete audit of the books of each of these would give us the absolute truth once and for all. We have only been asking for this audit for over a year. If FS , JCF, CC and their fawnicators have nothing to hide why not invite the beancounters in ? They’ll soon give us the answers.


We are only vaguely interested in JCF’s business activities outside the circle of influence of the GLNF. It is every man’s right to make a living and to accumulate the wealth he considers commensurate to his needs. In that regard, if Madame Coignard’s allagations are correct, JCF would appear to have led a most successful life in business. Good upon him.


But the web of business structures that spins around the GLNF, Holding Foellner, Club Ecossais, La Truelle, etc merits some clarification. And only FS, JCF, Michel Furfaro or Didier Gomez OR a complete and independent audit of all the structures will give us the answers.


We at LML in English don’t have the means to pay investigative commercial lawyers but we can and did consult “Infogreffes” (for our Anglo-saxophone readers “Infogreffes” is the official website giving information listed on the French commercial court registers) and, a free business information service. In his “Acacia” article JCF protests that he has no knowledge of his participation in a drycleaning business, a women’s wear boutique, a grain supply company and chemical products firm. He’s right !! The Foellner listed as being involved in these firms is not Jean-Charles and we have no way of knowing if there is any family connection. Benefit of the doubt is accorded. But Jean-Charles, in the same paragraph, you protest that you have no participation in estate agencies. If so, could you please explain the listing on of BFA, whose activities are estate agencies, and is registered in the Draguignan commercial court register under the RCS number 401978473, with a listed capital of 198 488.62 euros ? The initial registration dates from August 16th 1995 and there have been no published modifications to the original registration. That would suggest that the original administrators, shareholders, etc are still the same ones today. The head office of this real estate company is in the rue Mendès-France in the French Riviera town of Le Luc. If our LML in English  memory serves us correctly, that is the town where JCF  lives, where his vineyard, the Château du Paradis is to be found (Remember, that’s where the wine comes from that they serve at the GLNF in Paris) and JCF gave the Château du Paradis as his address in his letter to FS suggesting that he step down at the end of 2010. But in the light of JCF’s swearing that he knows nothing of his involvement in an estate agency what really intrigues us about the BFA listing on is that one of the 3 administrators is a certain Jean-Charles Foellner.


Having been an administrator of this firm for over 15 years we are sure that JCF’s protest is merely an oversight, no doubt brought upon by the pressure he is under at present. Perhaps it would be best that he resign immediately from his various offices associated with the GLNF. That way he would have more time to devote to remembering where he put his marbles. What’s more, to a vast majority of the members of the GLNF he wouldn’t be missed.; In fact his departure might even be a blessing.

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GMX 01/11/2011 11:36

I am making too many "typos" in my hurrying while typing!
read : "a thorough audit" in the first paragraph and "in re-establishing" confidence....

GMX 01/11/2011 08:08

There is a difference between an old fart & a pitbull!
It has been said so many times before ; an thourough audit of all the accounts & subsidiaries of all related companies will help greatly is re-establishing a beginning of confidence. Acts
rather than words are nothing less than required at this stage.
c'est tout simplement : Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
which means in french "réparer une faute en acceptant ou en subissant une peine imposée"