Big « Frère » is watching you !

Published on by Winnie

The paranoia metre has been turned up a notch or two at Pisan. Gorillas Incorporated still check you at the entrance. And you’ll only get in if you’re squeaky clean, GLNF card with the blue sticker in hand, thereby proving you’ve cow-towed to the illegal demands of Miss Monique, Ephesse, Balloo the Legal Bear and an ever-diminishing number of fawnicators.


But the latest developments are :


  1. Henry the Beancounter has called for tenders for new GLNF cards, the all too obvious justification being that only those who are up to date according to the standards of the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker will receive one. We can only hope that such a number is so limited that no firm will want to tender for such a small order. An obvious question is : will the new cards be produced and issued before the Grand Lodge meeting of December 3rd ?


  1. Video-surveillance cameras are being installed at the front door of the bunker. Not only will you have the opportunity of being thrown to the ground by a gorilla and dragged out by the feet, but you will also have the opportunity to have it all filmed, hopefully to give a copy to your lawyer who is preparing the lawsuit or to show to your grandchildren who are wondering why their usually placid grandpa is covered in bruises.


How long before Pisan is surrounded by coils of barbwire and Ephesse installs watchtowers at each corner. When you think about it, the architecture lends itself to such aesthetic additions !


I have no reason to believe that George Orwell was a Freemason (in fact I’m sure he would have refused such an idea) but had he been, I’m sure he would have been crying out against these latest Big “Frère” intimidation innovations imagined by the Pisan think tank.

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