Bongo, ex-GM of the GL of Gabon, takes 36 million from the till

Published on by Winnie

An American diplomatic cable leaked on Wikileaks and the Spanish daily, El Pais, reports that Omar Bongo, the late President of Gabon (and late GM of the GL of Gabon) embezzled some 36 million dollars from the Central African States Bank (BEAC).


According to the same source part of this sum was used to finance political parties in France, both left and right wing, but principally the RPR under the presidency of Jacques Chirac and, more recently, the UMP under Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency. The spokesman for the UMP has strongly denied Any African financing of the UMP presidential campaign.


The rest of the money went to Bongo’s family, including Bongo’s son, Ali Bongo, Minister of Defence in his father’s regime, his successor, both as President of Gabon and GM of the GL of Gabon. LML in English has already reported on the links between Ali Bongo and the upper echelons of the GLNF, in particular François Stifani, Jean-Charles Foellner and Claude Charbonniaud (The African Connection – Act II, December 18th). In fact it was François Stifani, assisted by Foellner and Charbonniaud who installed Ali Bongo as Grand Master. Our GM and his cronies keep excellent company!! If the allegations are true (in general Wikileaks is an excellent “allegator”) our spiritual guide, Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles and Air Bongo frequent flyer has once more transgressed the Landmarks and Rule in 12 points.

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