Breakfast at Stifani’s !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

Ephesse, the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace, has never hidden his admiration for former French  President, Nicolas Sarkozy, himself recipient of at least 13 letters from the self-appointed guru, one of which requested the Legion d’Honneur. The request was rightfully denied, something that our high public profile French Riviera model family man must bitterly regret.

This time Ephesse has gone one better. Not only does he openly display his admiration for Little Nicolas (they have that much in common !), now he has adopted the same food trough, and at the Brethren’s expense obviously. Having his lavish Paris Hilton lifestyle revealed by the “Canard Enchaîné”, the French satirical weekly, Ephesse decided to look elsewhere for a good table.

In May 2005, the night he was elected president, Nicolas Sarkozy kept the plebs waiting for 2 hours while he  celebrated his victory with his closest friends, generally very public personalities drawn from showbiz and the wealthier captains of industry. The meal was in one of Paris' best known restaurants.“L’Express” journalist, François Koch, reveals that Ephesse, to celebrate his AGM non-victory, took a select group of his nearest and dearest out for a good nosh up at the same very up-market “Fouquet’s” (careful how you pronounce it !) on the Champs Elysées. Seated round the table, enjoying the Armagnac and cigars, were Henry the Beancounter,  Jacquet the Riviera Pirate, Christian Mahout (PGM Lutèce), Denis Martial (PGM Grande Couronne), Emmanuel Stène (PGM Neuilly-Bineau), Thibaut Cayla (PGM Paris-Pisan), Paul Cudjoe (PGM Rouvray), Germain Gauthier (PGM Bourgogne-Franche-Comté)…The three dots mean the list is incomplete ! Did Miss Monique sign off for the expense ? Knowing how relations have cooled between her and the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti, I'm sure she wasn't invited !

Once I just looked at the menu posted outside “Fouquet’s”. For a joke I phoned my bank manager. He said, “Don’t you dare !” If you are still a member of the GLNF (wake up !) and the end of the month is always a worrying time, how do you feel about the GLNF shakers and rollers guzzling and gulping your dues ? A quick perusal of “Fouquet’s” website informs you the starting price is 78 €, not counting the gargle. And you can bet next year’s dues that Ephesse and his fawnicators didn’t even look at that page on the “à la carte”. Difficult to choose between a tasting of a selection of Caspian Sea caviar  and the “Jean Todt” lobster ravioli !!!

And what did they discuss mid the caviar, lobster, Pétrus and Romanée Conti ? How to get even more Brethren to leave the GLNF, tactics for the 2017 SGC meeting, the next headline in Brèves, Ephesse’s installation ceremony beneath the Arc de Triomphe (Notre Dame is an option in case of rain !)

The whole thing makes me sick. I’m off to the vomitorium !!!

A parting thought : In Truman Capote's original, the central character is named Holly Golightly. In the GLNF context, perhaps it should be written Holy, Go Lightly !!!

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Maitre de Roxanne 06/29/2012 17:28

The whole thing makes me sick. I’m off to the vomitorium !!!

Actually the vomitorium, historically, is just the exit. Exits, for example, from the Roman arenas. I think you really meant that, like me, it makes you want to puke!

Allan Sanders 06/29/2012 21:04

Since I've already exited the GLNF, I'll just puke in the nearest gutter