Brevda speaks, the Union replies, Kurz concludes and Miss Monique shoots off an offensive demand

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There are some days when it all happens at once. Yesterday was such a day.


The first salvo was fired by the ever-imaginative Pisan Ministry of Propaganda, the latest edition of Brevda informing us that Ephesse had chaired a meeting of the PGM’s and the Grand Council which had decided (by what right ?) and voted unanimously (the sort of African dictatorship figures that warm Ephesse’s heart) that :


the ULRF is an Obedience

any member of the GLNF who joins the Union will automatically be struck off.


We remind you that Ephesse has already tried this manoeuvre against FMR and that the courts decided otherwise, one of many slaps in the face that he has received over the past 2 years.


Of course all this costs us as the hourly rates for Pardo and Balloo the Legal Bear would keep the average Brother in clover for several weeks. Isn’t it a paradox that we win in the courts but it is our GLNF dues that finance Stifani’s legal eagles !


Yesterday’s Brevda was just another of the litany of Pisan falsehoods, a toothless tiger.


A fortnight ago, on January 13th, the Court of appeal declared François Stifani to be no longer GM. Most of his PGMs were named since January 21st, 2011, the day he resigned. So they are just as illegitimate as him. And even those who were in place before that date are out of office since our constitutions state that the mandate of all national and provincial officers cease at the same date as the GM. And his ended on January 21st, 2011, by his resignation of his own volition. As for the so-called Grand Council, it has no right to exist. There are no texts within the GLNF which condone its existence and it was just another of Ephesse’s brainwaves hatched since his resignation. More expenditure that he will be called to repay from his own pocket.


Brevda, filed vertically !!!


Faced with such a bare-faced lie the ULRF could only reply. link


It reminds readers that François Stifani decided to sever relations with the UGLE on July 14th (an e-mail that took a whole week to get to Great Queen Street !) and that by his behaviour the GLNF has been rejected by an increasing number of international Grand Lodges.


Under no circumstances is the Union an Obedience. By its Statutes and its behaviour it is simply a means of defence for the GLNF Brethren, a defence made necessary by François Stifani’s antics which the Grand Lodges of the world have sanctioned. The Union is a place for dialogue, an attempt to regain the Regularity lost by Ephesse’s lack of respect for the fundamental principles of Freemasonry. It aims to regain international Recognition for the GLNF Brethren. As such it welcomes any Brother who has been excluded or struck off by Ephesse or one of his fawnicators. The Union is a barricade against the ongoing odious acts of a management lacking all sense of direction, a management that even stoops to theft and vandalism. In large corporations where the management disregards the interests of the small shareholders it is the role of associations to protect their interests. The ULRF is neither more nor less than a defence association, protecting the interests of the grassroots GLNF Brethren.


One positive aspect of Ephesse’s antics : each day hundreds more Brethren are flocking to the Union, which ups Stifani’s anxiety metre into the red zone. If you haven’t done so already….. join the ULRF !!!


The final round for the day was a decision handed down by Vice-President Patrice KURZ of the Paris Supreme Court.


14 Brethren had called for Miss Monique’s mandate as GLNF administrator to be revoked. No-one was expecting the decision to go in their favour. After all it was Justice Kurz who appointed her in the first place a year ago and it was the same Justice Kurz who congratulated her on what she was doing (we are tempted to suggest that what she has done for the past 12 months amounts to approximately nothing !).


And that was exactly what happened; Miss Monique was confirmed in her functions. “Victory” cried the Stifani supporters. But as on January 13th they didn’t read the whole judgement. For them there was a hell of a sting in the tail, one they were least expecting from a judge who is seen to favour them.


At the same hearing Stifani, his lapdog, Cano, Balloo the Legal Bear and Moneybags Latreille had made voluntary submissions as members of the newly constituted (by themselves !) GLNF Association board of administration.


And there came the knock-out punch. Ephesse, Cano, Balloo and Latreille went down for the count when Justice KURZ ruled their submission receivable but as simple GLNF members because “their decision to tender their resignations as board members constitutes a unilateral act, presenting a definitive nature, even for those whose office is ex-officio” !!!


For the second time in less than a fortnight the Justice of the French Republic has stated that François Stifani and his apparatchiks are just members of the GLNF with no titles, blue aprons, gold baubles, offices and privileges.


The corollary is that all appointments and all sanctions since January 21st, 2011 are baseless. And all unjustified expenses undertaken since that date will have to be repaid by François Stifani and his gang. And what about the question that Miss Monique authorised these expenses ? With her legal training she should have known that she was skating on very thin ice. Will her professional liability be called upon ?


Tomorrow the National Convention of the ULRF will decide the important moves for the return to the GLNF we all want, a GLNF where we labour in peace and harmony, a GLNF without political turmoil and endless court proceedings, a GLNF where Winnie can get on with doing what he joined the GLNF for, twelve long years ago, MASONING !!!


Next Saturday, February 4th is the scheduled GLNF Association AGM. Yesterday’s confirmation that François Stifani has “nothing” status clears up one very important point. It means there won’t be two people vying to chair the assembly. It will be Miss Monique and no-one else. But we know the “Black List” manoeuvre that Ephesse and Henry the Beancounter have already pulled. They are prepared to pull every trick in the book to fix the numbers.


The agenda has been published and sent to all Lodges eligible to vote. But the eligibility is François Stifani’s interpretation and it is his agenda. Hundreds of Lodges who will be denied entry on the basis of the “Black List”. The ratification of the new President of the Association isn’t possible because there has to be prior designation by the Sovereign Grand Committee and no such committee meeting is scheduled before next Saturday. The AGM is likely to be just as much a farce as was the December 3rd “Grand Lodge” meeting at Levallois Perret. The accounts will be refused, the budget also.


Be that as it may, each Worshipful Master, each second delegate of each and every GLNF Lodge, be it current, suspended, excluded, struck off, etc, etc, …………..




And vote "NO" to each resolution !!!


Hold the front page !!!

Also on January 26th Miss Monique fiddled an ordinance by selectively "forgetting" to mention 4 important words in an ordinance.


More in the next article, "Miss Monique tries another tactic... ... to the same tune"

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