Brussels pouts at François Stifani

Published on by Winnie

Last Thursday and Friday the regular meeting of the Grand Masters of European Grand Lodges was held in Brussels. Despite no longer being the Grand Master of the GLNF François Stifani travelled north to the Belgian capital.


As is his habit he arrived late Thursday evening, after the dinner had commenced. No-one rose to greet him and he had to take the only place left, with the Slavs (Ukrainians, Slovenians, etc). Communication wasn’t at its best !


The next day each Grand Master made a declaration, a sort of “State of the Union”. François Stifani said he had prepared nothing but was prepared to answer questions. Instead of questions he was hooted and derided, not loudly, but definitely mocked by the other Grand Masters. We have been told he left, his tail between his legs !

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Arturusrex 07/07/2011 14:51

Bro Hons, with his genuine coutesy and fraternal contact is an example of the freemasonry we used to know. Thank you Bro Hons!

J.Hons 07/06/2011 23:24

1. The invitations were sent before the suspension.
2. RGLB was NOT the inviting power, but only the organizer (nobody was invited, everyone has to pay a fee of 150 euros and his room).
3. Some other Obediences not recognized by RGLB were also present; invitations were sent to all "regular" (meaning recognized by some other regular Grand Lodges) Obediences, and that is still the
case of the GLNF.
4. Among others (GM of The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Germany...), Pro Grand Master of England, Grand Master of Ireland, Grand Master of Scotland, were present.
5. No official picture was made, to enseur F.Stifani could not pretend having been well received and appreciated.
6. F.Stifani and his GS do not speak nor understand one English word; they had use an interpreter, since everyone else was speaking English...

Winnie 07/07/2011 09:54

Dear Brother,

Thank you for this additional information. We will ask Maître Legrand if she approved the 150 euros plus room (and how it could be justified) or if François
Stifani pais his own way.

chicon au gratin 07/06/2011 18:44

as GLNF is no longer recognised by GLRB and other GL, why François Stifani was invited by GLRB at this european GL meeting ?

something curious isn't ?

Winnie 07/06/2011 21:18

Do you really think that the sole link between the GADLU and we mere mortals actually needs an invitation ?

marshmuchmulcher 07/06/2011 12:34

If a vet does his job properly in the first place the runt's tail would he docked and not dangle so very low as to pick up dirt where it forrages

Winnie 07/06/2011 21:28

I can think of another job the vet should have done that would prevent any possibility of the runt reproducing !!!