A call for active resistance

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Ways to up the heat on the corrupt regime of the GM and force him out may lead many to envisage storming the premises of the GLNF and throw the occupants of the Third Floor out on their necks. Unfortunately such action would undoubtedly lead to bloodshed, as Stifani is protected by body guards and the third floor is now armour plated.

Masonry still being our guiding light, even though we would certainly like to enact the original penalties to the letter, we have to try and find a solution compatible with the laws of the land.


The following article by Tamino on Myosotis Ligérien Blog well illustrates both the urgency and the difficulty of overcoming the evil man. link                                  Translated Arturusrex


For months now, the Val de Loire lodges have been in open revolt against the leaders of the GLNF whom they no longer recognize. Work has gone on in the lodges as usual with even more energy and fraternity than before, initiations have taken place by WMs acting according to the strictest of ancient usages and customs.

Stifani has not made any appearance in our landscape for a long while, and it is not the bogus Province he has created in our lieu with a few of his straying mercenaries that pays for our rentals, insurances and regalia: we have made the appropriate decisions in perfect freedom and serenity in order to continue our labours in fraternity.

A few lodges, scattered around the country, have followed our example: in the Limousin, Auvergne, Bretagne and, recently, Occitanie, Alsace and Réunion. (and now lodge Gnomon in Brie Champagne, Translator’s addition)   Each in its own context has opted for this protective form to resist the obedience, which, in the madness of one and the complicity of too many, has decided to devour its children instead of protecting them.


The Masonry we are having to live is that of combat, our aim is the fall of the “guide”.


 Myosotis Ligerien Blog was the first to fire warning shots at the GLNF deviations, followed soon afterwards by other branches springing up all over the country. We reaped sanctions and even a criminal law trial for libel in return.  

High ranking members of all the Jurisdictions belonging to our lodges were suspended, un-suspended, re-suspended and pilloried according to the moods and hallucinations of the ex-occupant of Pisan.  

None of which much bothers us.

Thus, since the evening of March 25th 2010, to be precise, we have ceased to recognize Stifani and those who wallow with him in the mud of indignity.

We have adhered to FMR from the beginning, upheld all its strategies and taken part in the legal procedures, so, gradually, building an informal, fraternal, complementary, united, and efficient network. 

The FMF-Myosotis Gathering at Montreuil, Paris, on February 5th, organized with our feeble means, was an unprecedented success which demonstrated the strength of our united movement and efforts to re-found the obedience we cherish in spite of its irregular deviances into which it has been led by a malicious few.


Re-foundation is taking shape based on your remarks made in the White Book, “livre blanc,


You will shortly be able to read our progress report.

The few divergences of opinion to have appeared so far concern the private strategies of some brothers, who have now realized that only unity and a concerted effort by all will enable us to attain our objectives, and they have now moved in more closely to adopt our approach.  


But in spite of all, our combat is today taking on a more bitter turn.

To things are becoming obvious:


-1        The ad hoc Administrator, be it due to her weakness or incompetence, (things which can be patched up), or else to her complicity, (which would be scandalous), is not doing what she was appointed to do, i.e. organize a General Assembly, with, inter alia on the Order of Business, revocation of Stifani.

-2        The second point, now glaringly obvious since Wednesday last, is that his bogus resignation was a manœuvre leading to contorted interpretations and the AGM being put off sine die, all which in the sole aim of gaining time necessary to maintain his privileges and, above all, to safeguard his financial interests.

His revocation must appear on an Order of Business, fast!

Needless to say, our lawyers have understood the dilatory nature of these measures that violate the Judgment and will be reacting forcibly, as you will soon see.


But however you look at it, the cup of bitterness is now full.


It is now more than ever a duty for all those of you who have had enough of this Ubuesque situation to DISOBEY.  DISOBEDIENCE today is our most Masonic, most salubrious, most logical way through.

Which means in practical terms: do not read out GL or PGL  notices, send no paper work to Paris, do not receive PG or G. Officers, or, minimally, refuse them access to seats in the East, and prevent their attempts to exercise whatever sort of pseudo-authority they claim is theirs.  Do not authorize the wearing of PGL or GL regalia in lodge unless covered by some imperious reason, occupy your GLNF premises (if appropriate), when such are ours are paid for over the years by our dues and contributions, avoid paying any further rents for such premises, make sure not a centime goes into your lodge accounts, keep the keys to your lockers and robing rooms in a safe place, and also your Warrants, lodge records etc etc.


Brethren, it is up to you to fill out this list with whatever seems to you to be useful and efficient in our fight against the outlaw who still believes he will stifle the life out of us by his manipulations: the front today is not what it has been; illegality rules from the Third Floor in Pisan. It no longer strands for aught but fanaticism, pride and ambition.   


Only in the Lodges reside the Masonic powers, and the obedience shall not, cannot, ever steal them from the lodges.

The Lodges are mutually supportive whenever the need is felt: a WM (Tr’s note: the WM is designated on his Installation, under the French Constitution as “a Chief of the Order”) a WM must be aware that he can call upon all the other Chiefs of the Order to aid and assist him, should Stfani and his box of tricks be harassing him.


We are not fighting alone: the Jurisdictions, other regular Masonic bodies in amity, the Courts of Law, are on our side. Within the GLNF, more and more members rally to our cause every day and more and more join FMR.

What is more, we can, by acting together, assume and share the consequences of our action: it is our duty to point out any Grand or Provincial Grand Lodge attempts to impose their authority and spreading news of any such is an arm that will protect us and trigger off our collective responses.

We will create a group dedicated to legal and logistic assistance and support for all forms of resistance activity and so endow our determination with the appropriate protections.

We shall respect the Laws of the Republic, but we will take the logic of the laws concerning Associations and Freemasonry to their extreme limits, in order to finish this business.

This the Lodges can, this the Lodges must do.

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Jean 03/02/2011 16:16

Our Victory will come from the inside part of GLNF, I mean from every Lodge and not from the outside. We must count on ourselves with, of course, the great help of the GADL'U. WE are the obedience
and FS is now nothing, soon, he will become the worst memory of the Glorious History of GLNF.

Winnie 03/02/2011 21:31

My Brother Jean, you are so right. It is all very well looking to the Grand Lodges of our neighbours, even the UGLE across the Channel. But when it comes to the crunch we can only depend
upon ourselves, upon our determination and our resolve to prevail over the iniquitous practices of François Stifani and his fawnicators. Resist, refuse the blue aprons in your Lodge, don't read
National or Provincial correspondence, write daily to "Master The Great" demanding to know when she proposes to call the AGM. Make your battle cry, "Nil illegitimus carborundum", Don't let the
bastard grind you down

Han Solo 02/26/2011 16:19

Our WM has decided, with the full and active support of ALL the brothers of the Lodge, to enforce these "resistance" rules. May be, just may be,if every single GLNF affiliate act the same way
shortly, FS shall finally fully resign...

Winnie 02/27/2011 09:42

Thank you, my Brother for your encouraging news. We will only succeed if each and every Lodge decides to resist actively, to refuse the blue aprons and the "baubles" at each Lodge meeting, to
refuse the visit of Provincial Officers, to refuse to read GLNF correspondence in Lodge and, above all, to refuse to pay the fees until such time as a General Assembly has approved the 2010 -
2011 budget. keep up the good fight. But don't hold your breath waiting for our self-proclaimed spiritual guide to resign.

M. de Roxanne 02/25/2011 18:26

You include this comment in your article: "(Tr’s note: the WM is designated on his Installation, under the French Constitution as “a Chief of the Order”)"
This is just as true under the English Constitution as under the French, and refers to the mention in a Prayer familiar to Installed Masters. I quote: "who is now about to be numbered among the
rulers in the Craft".

Winnie 02/27/2011 09:36

My Brother, Thank you for confirming that the WM is chief of the Order, something that FS has forgotten....or perhaps he never learned this basic truth in the beginning.