Change the locks at your peril

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Charade : Sounds like a long, green boring vegetable detested by children the world over, is often seen sporting large blue apron with all the gilded trimmings, particularly when in the vicinity of the very up-market Harcourt Photographic Salon.


Got it ? Zecchini, PGM of Paris Grande Arche Province, well placed in the race to suspend the greatest number of Lodges and exclude a maximum of Brethren before the AGM on February 2nd.


Also renowned for having changed the locks on a Temple that he only sub-let and for having tried to have the rightful tenant expelled.


Well he got his comeuppance this morning along with Miss Monique and the GLNF. Another 13 500 euros plus costs down the gurgler. And, as usual, it is we, the GLNF Brethren, who will pay.


The story : For some years the Lodges of Paris Grand Arche Province, by way of an association, APHEC, have rented their Temple building in Puteaux (Paris suburb) from the Puteaux City administration. And they legally sub-let a part of the building to the GLNF by way of its Provincial administration.


Relations being what they have become between the GLNF and the Lodges, the PGM decided to change the locks despite his being only the sub-tenant. In doing so he left a number of Lodges without a Temple. APHEC did not take it lying down.


An initial court ruling obliged Zecchini to supply keys to the new locks for the various Lodges (and locksmiths and keycutters don’t come cheap in Paris) and Miss Monique in her capacity as GLNF administrator had to pay for every day that this didn’t happen.


The court’s decision this morning :


The GLNF and all its representatives are expelled from the premises, by public force if necessary.


Miss Monique must pay 11000€, the GLNF is fined 2500€ and costs are awarded against Miss Monique without taking into account her own and the GLNF legal fees. At least the Brethren have re-gained access to their Temple.


With yesterday’s hammering in the courts, today’s decision and the court of appeal decision on Friday it’s shaping up to be a hebdomadis horribilis” for the self-proclaimed spiritual guide and Miss Monique.

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