CHARBONNIAUD, FOELLNER, STIFANI and the CÔTE d’AZUR Some historical background.

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 You will find three articles on this theme, one after the other, in this posting.


1          The last three Grand Masters of the GLNF, who have all presided over times of scandal and corruption within the GLNF, have all been from the Provence Côte d’Azur region. There is no mere coincidence in this.

Now that Mr Charbonniaud (the first of the three) has decided to get his dagger out for a scuffle with Mr Stifani, the latest of them, who is always ready with his own poignard, with the second, Mr Foellner lurking somewhere in the background, you might need to have your memories refreshed as to some historical background to this Provence Côte d’Azur domination of  the GLNF.


On January 2nd 2011, LML in English had already posted an article on this subject, entitled “From Mr S to Mr X”. It refers to a book published in France by François-Xavier Vershave : "Noir Chirac" (Ed les Arènes, 2002)

Today, on LML blog, Bro Scorpio (Le Scorpion) reminds us of that, with the following comment, translated by Arturusrex


Could Philippe le Bel, King of France and late 13th century mass murderer of the Knights Templar, have been from Provence?

To understand the state of decrepitude of “Black Chirac”, the magnificent kingdom of France, the GLNF, and why we are now uncovering the felony of the King, perhaps we should turn back to examine the circumstances that have led progressively, insidiously, to the present situation.

Once upon a time, in the Province of  Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur, there was a PGM called Jean-Charles Foellner. With scandal most  rife within the Province, a State Prosecutor named Montgolfier decided to have this  sewer cleaned up.

Not to distort the exact wording of the time, look at the INA site where you will find an extract from the daily television news programme of December 15th 2000, (not so long ago!) where you will get a furtive glimpse of our three last Grand Masters. Just click on this link:


But, before all that, Nogaret, the King’s Executive, that is, begging your indulgence, Trestournel, reigned as a sort of pseudo Grand Master over the GLNF for years, inflicting on it  his moods and insatiable fantasies.

But he had come up against two Grand Masters, Jean Mons and André Roux who, each in turn,  countered his wild hopes of power and kept him away from real control of the GLNF.

The idea came to his over-brimming but misshaped brain that a mo re malleable GM would be more advantageous for his projects. He helped Claude Charbonniaud to accede to the throne. He was to be the first of a dynasty whose roots had put down into this Province of  PACA. Claude Charbonniaud begat  Jean-Claude Foellner who begat François Stifani.


Here, I will only quote from François-Xavier Vershave’s book, "Noir Chirac" (les Arènes, 2002) pages 68-87 :


“The GLNF went through a rough period in 1965 when NATO left Paris for Brussels. Jean Baylot, a former Prefect of the Police of Paris instigated a revival together with Yves Trestournel, appointed in 1972 as Secretary of the GLNF Association. In 1980, the two of them succeeded in promoting Jean Mons to the head of the GLNF. He had been Director of the Cabinet to two Presidents of the Republic,  Leon Blum and Paul Ramadier.  Together with Claude Charbonniaud, a one-time son-in-law of Jean Mons, Trestournel encouraged intensive recruiting of “interesting” candidates, men with money and powers of decision. The GLNF shot up from 5000 to 20 000 members, an absolute military, media, judiciary, political, financial and industrial Gotha.

When Jean Mons died in 1989, the notary to Jacques Chirac, André Roux, became Grand Master. In early 1992, he decided to remove Charbonniaud and Trestournel. He had a strange car accident in the streets of Paris. Some expressed surprise that no autopsy was held.

He was replaced by Claude Charbonniaud, who was re-elected in 1995 after some controversy.

The GLNF number 3, Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, sent in his outspoken letter of resignation: “One of your close collaborators has taken over the workings of the order: he fills our gatherings with his creatures, distributes charges and buys consciences. This public exposure of our scandals is heavily prejudicial to us, although it is only the visible part of the iceberg.”

In 1996, Pierre Bertin, Grand Senior Warden, sent his brethren a letter of request:

“Our Grande Loge Nationale Française is in peril and in the process of being dispossessed by a multitude of scandalous affairs. Those who hold the highest functions of our Order and contribute to these disorders, accepting such or even creating them, are in violation of the laws and usages of the Order of Freemasons and traitors to our Constitution. The same have also, for most of them, threatened the equilibrium of our Society by voluntarily ignoring and breaking the laws of the land.


We cannot help thinking that all this has most probably been known to the UGLE since 1996, thanks to Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia.  If that is the case, we are faced with  yet another example of dirt that troubles being just swept under the carpet.


2          The following extract was published in January 2011 on LML in English .


Link to extract: Extrait de Noir Chirac

TR/ we propose a short extract of this book in résumé:

In 1965 NATO quit France, partly emptying quite a few lodges. Amongst others Jean Mons (Grand Master) was involved in post NATO operations, masonically and otherwise, e.g. finance for the Indo-China war, much an affair for the Secret Services. He and Yves T. , Gr Sec, managed then to recruit from “wealthy and influential” milieux: industrialists, financiers, politicians, judiciary, military, secret services, taking membership of the GLNF from 5000 to 20000 members. They then turned to Africa and  “recruited” Omar Bongo, Denis Sassou Nguesso,  Hassan II of Morocco, Blaise Compaoré, Idriss Déby, Paul Biya... all friends of  Jacques Chirac

When Jean Mons died in 1989, the notary of Jacques Chirac, André Roux, became Grand Master. By 1992, he wanted to be rid of Charbonniaud and Trestournel. He died in a strange car accident in a Paris street. Some wondered why no post-mortem was carried out. Claude Charbonniaud replaced him. His re-election in 1995 was not without incident. Number three in the hierarchy, Alexander of Yugoslavia, sent him a damning letter of resignation pointing to serious disorders, all of which were of the sort we know today.

Attention was diverted to Gd Sec. Trestournel. The journalists hitched on to him, making much of his African connection and the post-Nato intrigues..Nevertheless, Trestournel continued his doings .It was he who put up Jean-Charles Foellner in 2001 to replace Charbonniaud as Grand Master. His Côte d’Azur lodge was typically for the region  “off the rails” masonically speaking. He then proceeded to claim to overtly clean up the Province. Which meant its more notoriously Mafioso-style  members disappeared, only to resume service in the Parisian lodges. (TR: end of résumé of extract of Black Chirac q.v.)


3          Today’s PACA blog provides us with a little more background pointing to the corruption of the system already in place in 1995, with the falsified election of Charbonniaud, organized with the aid of the Grand Secretary, Yves Trestournel.

Signed César, translated Arturusrex  August 15th .

Seventeen years ago, certain courageous brethren had already spoken out against the divergences from proper practice creeping in.

 Communication from the top to the bottom, in the pre-blog era was almost non-existent. Nevertheless, we know of those who resigned: Senator Etienne Dailly, DGM,   Pierre Marion, Grand Sword Bearer and Alexander of Yugoslavia, Assistant Grand Master and, most interestingly for our present situation, we have their writings.

For your information, you will find links to two letters sent by Pierre Marion to the new GM, C. Charbonniaud, elected, after being proposed by the SGC, in seemingly obscure circumstances orchestrated by the Grand Secretary, Yves Trestournel.


·       A first letter dated september 30th 1995  1ère lettre du 30 septembre 1995 available on the net.

·        A second letter dated November 20th  1995   seconde lettre du 20 novembre 1995  less well known.

For memory, Pierre Marion, who studied at Polytechnique, was head of the SDECE (Espionage and counter-espionage) ; a man and brother of redoubtable integrity, who resigned rather than compromise.

Extracts from what this well informed brother wrote :

“…. This attitude of yours (referring to C.Charbonniaud) goes with your repetitive rejection of the requests I have written to you in my capacity as Grand Sword Bearer to open enquiries and to take conservatory measures in respect of brethren under criminal charges in the Courts of Law and against lodges acting irregularly. You have once again remained inert when confronted with reprehensible doings committed just recently.


Concerning Alexander of Yugoslavia, who was seen as a serious alternative to JC Foellner, when the day came for a successor to the GM, he preferred to resign,  referring to the "methods and expedients reproved by morality and masonic democracy ", and was immediately suspended by Charbonniaud (Ordonance n° 819) !

Bearing in mind what we have been discovering over the last few months, and what we are learning of the years of the  Charbonno-foellnéro-stifanien régime, you will understand, dear brethren, that we insist on emphasizing that the departure of only the “spiritual guide” will not suffice; it is a whole system we have to fight and refound.  

Today, we have Internet. Not knowing means not wanting to know.

Fraternally.       César.

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