Claude & Dominique write to Maître legrand, Henry the Beancounter and the Grand Treasurer write to the PGMs and Brevda lies to everyone !!!

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In this frustrating period of waiting for the June 24th decision of the Paris Court of Appeal nothing much is happening EXCEPT :


  1. Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau confirmed in writing the events of their meeting with Maître Legrand on May 24th. link


  1. Henry the Beancounter and Dominique Le Guerinel, the Grand Treasurer wrote to the PGMs (who, incidentally are not !!!) seeking to obtain information concerning the financial status of the Brethren (fat chance !!!)link


  1.  Brèves served us all another load of eyewash on June 4th 


The letter from Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau (dated June 2nd)


Dear Maître,


Thank you for the welcome and the attention you gave us during our meeting of May 24th.


We note your intention to submit to the Paris Court Public Prosecutor the files concerning the ANOMALIES detected during the audits undertaken by your services.


For months we have suspected there were anomalies in the financial books of the GLNF and now we have the confirmation. And you don’t send the files to the public prosecutor for a slight overspending on the lunch bill !!! Even if we are still waiting for the answer on the 27000 euros lunch bill at the Jules Verne restaurant on the Eiffel Tower !!! So much for the audits undertaken at the request of theHonorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles, the ones which prove that 2+2=4 !!!


You indicated to us that you have asked the President of the Supreme Court of Paris for a prolongation of your mission for an additional 6 months, the complexity of the audits having made it impossible to summons a General Assemble within the delays stipulated in the January 25th ordinance.


After an long discussion of the GLNF situation, in reference to the most recent developments (withdrawal of recognition by the European grand Lodges, rejection by Mr Stifani of the traditional Jurisdictions of our Obedience, sanctions and nominations creating additional tensions…etc) we noted your agreement concerning a lifesaving strategy.


The writing of a joint request by your lawyer, Maître Dumaine-Martin and the Bâtonnier Teitgen asking for an extension of your mission allowing you to obtain more wide-sweeping powers, comes out of our joint analysis. In fact the summoning of the College of de facto members, the treatment of the disciplinary problems and the daily management difficulties justify this request within the context of eventual responsibility of the current team.


As well, the preparation of the future, from the point of view of the necessary evolution of the Statutes and By-Laws, necessary prior to the Refounding of a GLNF traumatised by so many months of crisis, implies, once more from our joint analysis, the setting up of a Committee of Refoundation bringing together the different tendencies of the opposition, without rejecting negotiation with the outgoing team.


We do not know of, as you propose, it will be possible to insert the principle in the request mentioned above, but we note the need to set it up rapidly as it will help reduce the tension. As agreed upon, we will supply a list of Brethren willing to participate.


Being in control of the summoning of de facto members of the College you will be able to establish your programme for a General Assembly or an Extra-ordinary General Assembly as you are the only person who can decide the dates and the agenda. For memory, Mr Stifani infringed this summons rule by pretending to meet the de facto members on June 27th under the name of the “Sovereign grand Committee”. We have no doubt that you will remind him of your prerogatives at the appropriate moment.


We are available to assist you at all stages of this procedure and we trust that our joint action will accelerate the end of this dramatic crisis that has troubled the GLNF since December 4th 2009.


Yours sincerely,


Claude Seiler                                                                                                 Dominique Moreau


P.S. Bearing in mind what you indicated concerning the non – legal nature of the call for fees to date, as well as the absence of  GLNF debt, we cannot imagine that the menacing note published in your name by the Administrative and Financial Director on June 1st was produced according to your instruction. This note is attached as an appendix.


Letter from Henry the Beancounter and the Grand Treasurer dated June 1st


Adressed to the PGMs


Most Worshipful Brother


The meeting othe the PGMs on May 31st, organised in the presence of Maître Legrand, Legal Administrator of the GLNF, enabled  us to evaluate the situation of the 2010 – 2011 fees due by the Lodges.


The analysis, Province by Province, showed that a certain number of Lodges have not yet paid their fees, even when the Brethren members of these Lodges have paid.


With the approach of the summer holidays and the end of the 2010 – 2011 financial exercise it is important that each Province can establish the exact financial situation of each Brother so that the justifying stamps can be provided to those who are up to date with their fees.


Each Province must immediately request from each Worshipful Master the situation of the banking of fees for 2010-2011 of the Lodge, included in the “compta loge” software, distributed by the Province to all the Lodges.


Maître Legrand, who participated in the discussions, reminded cus thayt it is imperative that each member of the GLNF  pay, as a provision, the 2010-2011 fees at the same level as the previous year, so as to not compromise the financial situation of the Association.


The meeting of the Provincial Grand Treasurers on June 10th will be largely given over to the financial situation of each Province.


We thank you for your collaboration in putting this work in place and we count upon your diligence in rapidly obtaining these documents.


Yours sincerely,


Dominique Le Guerinal                                                                         Henry Sidery

Grand Treasurer                                                Administrative & Financial Director



Until such time as a legally called General Assembly occurs and the accounts and budgets are approved no fees can be called. This has been repeated time and again and confirmed by Maître legrand and the consulting lawyers of FMR. Like Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau, LML in English cannot imagine that this letter from Henry the Beancounter and the Grand Treasurer was produced with the foreknowledge and approval of Maître Legrand.


The Brèves of June 4th continues in the same vein, proving once again its unofficial status as the propaganda rag of François Stifani and his ever-diminishing band of followers.




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