Close Combat !!!

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  Close combat

Here is a second major article signed by Bro Charles, posted on Neuilly Bineau Blog by Sully.

Tough stuff, not academic style philosophy exactly. but some of the nitty-gritty we need to sharpen our teeth upon.

In the original Du manque de transparence au manque de lucidité  (From a lack of transparency to a lack of lucidity.)                    Translated by Arturusrex.




The GLNF is going through the deepest crisis in its existence.

The Brethren know they have let their obedience be led along devious ways by a hierarchy that claimed that the Obedience was an “Order” of which they were the heads, thereby granting themselves full authority and power over the lodges, whereas normally, those in charge are answerable to the lodges. (see article The meaning of Words)

Unrestrained hand over head recruiting progressively led to a reversal of Masonic virtues and the promotion of one-upmanship and a sort of masonic dandyism (without the gentlemanly side of that phenomenon except in their slavish love of extravagant regalia!), but above all the lust for honours, glory and power.

Virtues debased included confiscation of the lodges’ alms boxes, degradation of the notion of Fraternity and a sudden loss of confidence (see the article on Neuilly Bineau Blog La Perte de sens.)

In this new article, Bro Charles looks at the aspects Transparency and Lucidity.  

From a lack of transparency to a lack of lucidity.

A legitimate request for clarification of the accounts not satisfied.
The only accounts provided by the GLNF are aggregated and make it impossible to check details of monies received, expenses, structures, subsidiaries and flow.

For years we have been hearing off-stage rumours of wrong doings with the solidarity funds, the real estate matters, abuse of power and confidence, and masonico-social back climbing.

A few years back, I was present and helplessly useless but totally ignorant, when an exchange took place between a brother I greatly appreciate and the PGM on these subjects.

The brother was suspended a few weeks later and resigned, to join another obedience.

At the time, I was not able to find out, because he protected me, whether this brother’s allegations were justified, and, especially, if they were backed up by serious evidence, or simply based on fears that might turn out to be of a libelous nature.

One thing, nevertheless, was very surprising :

Why, when a PGM, so therefore, obviously, the GM himself, knew about the sort of rumours that were going around, was no commission ever set up or a get-together round a table, to clear the matter up and calm things down?

Any normal administrator would, in his role of Paterfamilias, set up a simple process to give the plaintiffs access to what they wanted to see.

Such solutions exist in many associations and companies and make it possible to defuse before it explodes any fear of errors, embezzlement, collusion or corruption. 


The replies just went round in circles in stubborn repetition of the verification of a few sums giving no explanations or ways to check on them.  

Communications became conflictual as described in the two previous episodes.
The PGMs and their officers could have and should have, at their own level, answered  concerning the estate matters they knew of. They replied with no factual evidence. They answered by stances of denial or with red-herrings.

These choices of theirs can mean two possible things :


Their collective wish to hide information

This will be shown up, if it is the case, by the audits being drawn up as we write. Obviously, in this case, the complete set of Grand Officers and other hierarchs will resign from their functions as Grand officers and members of the Sov Gd Com. And as provincial officers for having conjointly covered up and supported, not to use the word complicitly, an illegal situation, perhaps actively, perhaps passively.


Managerial incapacity.

This is tied to their incapacity for finding simple solutions to identified problems.

It is evident that the teams on the field at the moment will be deemed unfit to participate in a process of re-foundation of such amplitude as the one which has to be prepared now. They will also be obliged to resign collectively from their functions, in order to facilitate the implementation of the White Book (Livre Blanc) resolutions

The two above hypotheses quite possibly coexist.

Whether you consider the first or the second to be nearer the truth, the problem is to accord either of them any form of credibility.

If it were the first, their collective wish to hide information, those who did not spontaneously dissociated themselves from such a situation before the truth was publically out will additionally have lost their honour.

Whichever case it is, the consequences will be the same: their solidarity, whether in deeds or not, in untenable and extremist attitudes will lead the old lot to have ineluctably to resign from all their functions.


The first hypothesis will be subject to a decision by a Court of Justice.

But Managerial incapacity can be analyzed right away!

Serious errors of judgment and lucidity:

The leaders of the GLNF are bad managers because they lack lucidity.

They lack lucidity because they have a poor appreciation of what is real , what is  reality for the brethren, what is the reality of the problems, what is the reality of masonry, of their image, of what proper action they should have taken and how and with what objectives

A serious error of appreciation of the state of mind of the Brethren:



Every freemason is motivated by a natural curiosity :

A freemason has one particularly curious characteristic: he has knocked on a door hot having the least idea of what he will find on the other side of it…. That is perhaps the most surprising thing about our system.

 We are each of us motivated by curiosity. It is a sort of curiosity that springs naturally from the depths of our Being, from the depths of the Universe, from the very Principle. The brethren are not to be blamed if, occasionally, their curiosity goes beyond the bounds of their quest…. especially when, in the context summarily referred to, there arises a feeling of injustice.

While Freemasonry philosophically liberates a man, the present leaders of the GLNF show themselves more to be a pack of hounds set on holding the brethren at bay and who will not brook awkward questions or unpleasant truths.  


Like the members of a gang sworn together by some oath, certain reply with lies, obviate the question, side-step the problem, and reject the brother and his questions, thus envenoming the conflict, which they then blame on their opponent, who, in turn, finds that his grounds are better established than ever.

Like a nasty gang of play-ground bullies and ring-leaders who cannot accept that brethren might challenge their rule, faults and weaknesses, and always try to swagger and bully their way through, this lot have become little hitlers with the worst of all possible managerial styles based on the crushing under foot of their weakling foremen.

So doing, the two gangs have seriously marred the image of the great majority of those who “thought they were doing for the best”.

Every freemason has an overall loathing of being taken for a fool.  

I have read and heard GLNF big men boasting of the social position held by the brethren : company heads, chartered accountants, police and lawyers….(the list is incomplete, but is just meant to give you an idea of the general drift). Brothers have all been taught to listen. They are accustomed to sizing up a situation they have already encountered professionally. They know how to preserve their independence. They also talk together.


Most of the brothers have a strong ideal; but, in the “outer world”, they are not usually the greenest of the green. On the whole, they are probably better gen’d up than those who think they can “direct“ them.

The postures they are put into and told to adopt go against their intelligence and their ethics.

ABSOLUTELY ALL THE BRETHREN see that the situation caused by the heads is not normal.  

Where they may diverge is in their conclusions as to what attitude to adopt and how to react personally….and being free, they are free to do as they will. Some choose to stay silent and listen or nod and think whatever they think. some ask questions, straightforward ones or more allusively. Others strike out into opposition, openly or passively.




The three brass monkeys, See-not, Hear-not, Speak-not.

The three monkeys close their eyes, mouth and ears because they well know what the situation is. It is their way of not getting hanged from the branches of their tree.

A great many of the present leaders of the GLNF are motivated by an unbearable sense of superiority and invulnerability.

They believed their huge talent would dazzle everybody and prevent the true situation from being seen and the monkeys would have to scramble back up their tree.

They thought and wanted everyone to think that those who remained silent approved them.


Inability to control the situation.
The context was not right for the request for the accounts to be clarified just to fizzle out. If the leaders of the obedience had had nothing to hide and were good people, they should have realized this and spontaneously set up some simple corrective action. As if autistic, with nothing but disdain for the brothers and their wise warning signals, they provoked a Larsen effect that became unbearable for all, and went on turning up the volume instead of switching it off.


Not a single acceptable or appropriate action was set up at any level.

Worse, they circumvented the Law brazenly and openly, as if to demonstrate their power, whenever it suited the management, particularly when demanding subscriptions or annual dues, whilst such demands were legally impossible and, furthermore, unnecessary in view of the financial situation. 

Brutal, clumsy arrogance and authoritarianism, described and commented every day on the Blogs of both sides, are the only things to have been implemented. The management of the GLNF, i.e. both sides of it, the two set ups, the two hand in hand, have been led up the wrong path in every instance, every option,


In their blindness, the administrators off the GLNF have blindfolded themselves and refused to look reality in the face. They have thought that no one would see or understand, or that they could possibly lose.  

Hand in hand solidarity has its virtues in a healthy system, but disqualifies all the players when the system is corrupt.

A lack of realism is a serious defect when hoping for credibility on an assignment of Re-Founding.
Transparency, after a long period of obscurantism, brought down the wall that everyone thought was eternal.

The reconstruction of the countries concerned has been painful.

The path of honour will be at a high cost for some, easier for others.
From us all, it will require the acknowledgment of a diagnosis, introspection, a humble looking silently into ones own inner depths and a sincere asking for forgiveness.


Signed : Charles, a brother involved in the tracing of a path….

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