Clothes do not make a man

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Translation of an article by Sully, posted on Neuilly-Brie blog on January 12th 



Albeit the present state of affairs is confused, we all feel that we are entering into a new phase of the crisis afflicting our GLNF, with pressures building up on the present leaders of the Jurisdiction from all sides.

We have to be particularly attentive, Brethren, to these new developments. 

Many of us, over the last few months have been surprised to remark on what, coming from certain ( as we will call them), “Big Blue Aprons”,  seems to be a startling contradiction between words heard to be said and deeds seen to be done.

You have all come across such, who, with the unspoken airs of men-who-know, clear-minded and well informed, treat you to their confidential appreciations: “Stifani is done for, and he is the only one not to know”; “believe you me, his time is almost up”; “all that is his fault, he has to go”; and so on and so on, I’ll stop there, as well you will have recognized the “orators” I refer to.

And then you will have been astounded to see these very same brethren, in contradiction with their own vocabulary, setting themselves urgently to the implementation of Stifani’s directives, brandishing threats of ad-hoc administrators, bankruptcy for the GLNF, calling on the brethren to pay their dues, as silent as codfish when confronted with Pisan (GLNF HQ) illegalities and exhorting you “not to deliver the obedience unto its destruction”, and so on and so forth.

I make so bold as to suggest that, with a few notorious exceptions, individuals we can no longer  recognize as brethren,  the men we refer to are brothers whose sincere desire to preserve the GLNF cannot basically be doubted.

On reflection, Brethren, there is no contradiction, but, on the contrary, and, I may add,  unfortunately, coherency and complementarity between their words and their deeds.

If, superficially, the words spoken by them sound like a sort of self-justification for their incoherent behaviour, in fact they announce the arrival out of the woods of the “inside resistance”.


Their oratory , in my opinion perfectly construed and adapted to the imperatives of nothing less than a veritable and well founded strategy , follows three lines of attack:

1.       1-Dress up as an “inside resistance” man, criticizing Stifani in semi-private circles in order to appear as a man of courage, free, clear-sighted as to the events, clairvoyant, belonging to the “in” set and therefore better informed than most, while stating at the same time that they cannot let on about the whole truth, which is far more complicated than one might think. This tactic justifies the semi-confidences while the orator of such things hopes and wishes that his privileged hearers will spread the news that “Stifani’s time is up”, and “Stifani is done for”. This tactic endows him with the status of “man in the shadows”.

2.       2-Enhance their image as “men with responsibilities” , deeply and actively involved, fighting tirelessly and courageously to save all that can be saved from the tempest, from harmony in the Province to the premises used for meetings and for which the rent absolutely has to be paid, even the cleaning ladies, and avoiding the dangers the threaten the obedience from ad-hoc administrators down to tax inspections in the lodges, etc….The more diabolical they can make these dangers sound, the greater and more impressive are the speakers’ qualities meant to be for their hearers.

3.       3-Marginalise the “rebels”, who are only a small bunch of reckless idiots whose only objective is to destroy the GLNF,   traitors to the Masonic cause whose cowardice leads them to hide in anonymity, miasmas and gangrene within our splendid edifice, masons astray, seeking to destroy, the unsatisfied in search of un-granted powers, madmen ready to wield terror on their brethren one day to come. Here too, the devils they invoke reinforce the impact of their oratory. Their aim: to sort out the “rebels” from the brethren.

This logically thought out three-pronged line of

bla-bla attack opens up the way, so they think, for the brethren who consider themselves as “men of responsibility upholding the edifice during the tempest”  - “inside resistants but not able to do so openly”, and “saviours from the mad rebels hard set on vengeance”- and who, with the most natural of expertise and help from the “don’t-knowers” , will take over control of the obedience, thereby stealing from the footslogger brethren the fruits of their efforts and fight to renovate the obedience in depth.

Then, Stifani, Foellner and a few other undefendables will be dumped by the wayside, stigmatized as the only ones to be blamed for all the mess, pilloried, expelled from the obedience; and    the system in which we have been accustomed to living will  gradually slip back to what it was.  Few heads will have been chopped off and others will have taken their place.

To cut it short, it”s revolutions as we were taught in history: in such a scenario, our Masonic “bourgeoisie” of today would take over from the present “aristocracy”  and the system would carry on unchanged.

That, Brethren, is exactly what we have to avoid. 

A post-crisis purge is out of the question. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached that stage, and when we do, all the brothers involved in the refounding process  will have to be convened. Then, we shall together have to clarify  certain forms of behaviour that have come in over the last troubled year.

It is indeed difficult, when considering in depth how the obedience will be refounded, to think in terms of reintegrating into senior positions any of the brothers who have led us to the wall. A lengthy sojourn on the columns of a lodge, without any other duty than to meditate in silence, will by far be the most beneficial treatment they can hope for.


We must remain very vigilant, my Brothers.


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