Coco-nuts to you, Stifani

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Coco-nuts to you, Stifani !


Readers will recall that the multi-location general assembly of October 16th 2010 saw a 100% vote in favour of François Stifani from the Reunion Island delegates, hardly a credible score in a democratic institution which prides itself on freedom of thought and expression. Myosotis Réunionnais link has posted the following article :


To the Brethren of the GLNF on Reunion Island


A fraternal appeal to preserve order


The imminent arrival of MWBr François Stifani announced for February 11th and 12th, for the inauguration of the provincial masonic temple and the consecration of this new temple and a new Lodge brings us out of our reserve.


In fact, faced with the emotion and the pain caused by the disintegration of our cause we can no longer remain silent.


The facts :

-          Our spiritual Obedience is placed under lay authority because of irregularities in the                                    eyes of the courts.

The WBr François Stifani refuses to listen to the requests for reservation that are made to him.

The heads of the 3 Masonic Orders for France, in their joint solemn communiqué confirming his discharge from the function of Grand Master of the GLNF since he has resigned as president of the GLNF association.


Consequently;, we will not participate in these events, nor support what will bring disorder to our Province which has been spared this until now.


With spirits already upset, his presence as Grand Master, henceforth nul and void, will stain the inauguration with irregularity, and the consecrations will therefore be illegitimate.


In life we have often stood aside as father in favour of our children. In the same way, we would hope that, faced with such a crisis, the MWBr François Stifani would have spared us the embarrassment.


Please, my Brothers, open your eyes, don’t support this joke. Since our initiation we know our duty is, amongst others, to put into practice what the Order teaches us.


We beg you not ot go to these events (inauguration and consecrations) solely because of the presence of the Most Worthy Brother François Stifani.


This appeal will remain unsigned for the moment, You understand that out action would be immediately sactioned by an exclusion without appeal, a frequent happening in these troubled times. And we need more time to defend our values.


The Brothers of the GLNF Reunion Province who are speaking out.     February 9th 2011

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