Communiqué from Batonnier Francis TEITGEN

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Since resigning on January 21st, 2011, François Stifani has continued to interfere in the non-masonic management of the Grande Loge Nationale Française, exploiting the office of Grand Master which, in reality, he lost at the same time when he, along with all the former members of the association’s board, left it with no management system.


The provisional administrator, Maître Monique Legrand, named to fill this vacancy, and ordered by the Court to restore the statutory systems of the GLNF, allows things to continue, despite the repeated and just protestations of numerous members.


Thus, the Sovereign grand Committee is going to debate the social accounts and budgets of the Obedience with people chosen illegally by the resigned president, while their sole strategy for the past year has been to prevent the holding of the ordinary Annual General Meeting and the free expression of the GLNF members.


He knows he is in the minority but by all possible means he clings to the faded trimmings of powers challenged by one and all, the only exceptions being those he has named to replace the opponents he has excluded for having a differing opinion.


His obstinacy to remain in place isolates the Association since it is no longer recognised by any of the European grand Lodges and this responsibility falls upon François Stifani and his faithful quadroon.


Never in its already long history has the Grande Loge Nationale Française found itself in such a critical situation.


Maître Monique Legrans allows François Stifani to exploit the appearances of power.


On November 22nd the Legal Administrator once again called upon the members to make a contribution.


Within the law, this call is bereft of all legal basis.


In fact, the statutes foresee the financing of the association firstly by the membership fees.


The amount of these dues must have been approved by an ordinary Annual general Meeting. The two previous ones have been annulled by court decisions and the current management has shown itself incapable of calling another. Without the approval of the AGM no dues can be called. What’s more, Maître Legrand recognises this fact in her notice of November 22nd.


Aware of this impossibility, the Adminstrator called for a “complementary contribution”, invoking article 13.1 alinea 2 of the statutes. But such a contribution can only be called if it corresponds to “specific expenditure”, taking the exact terms of the document. Maître Legrand confirms that these sums will be used to pay the day to day running of the association, which is clearly not the function of a complementary contribution.


As well, the amount called is the same as the dues for the past years, a clear demonstration that it cannot be considered as complementary contributions.


Therefore this demand for payment is incompatible with the Statutes.


It is possible that the members of an association be called upon to fulfil their duties as members and pay sums that the Statutes have not foreseen, but only under the clear condition that the Association finds itself in such difficulty that this contribution is the only financial means of saving the institution in peril.


Since she has taken up her duties Maître Monique Legrand has refused to communicate the true financial situation of the Obedience. She produces no document, not even the audit reports that she has had done and the amount of her honoraria remains unknown.


Under these conditions, those who have been fighting for two years now, have asked me to seize the Court in order to annul the call for the contribution made on November 24th, 2011 and for it to oblige Maître Monique Legrand to communicate to the parties the information that is rightfully theirs. In fact it is a professional obligation for court appointed administrators to keep informed those persons who were the originators of their designation as to the situation of the society and the execution of their duty.


We are confident that the Jurisdictions of the Republic will once again ensure that the law will prevail.


Paris, December 2nd, 2011



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