Corsican Masonry…with concrete boots !!!

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48 hours ago L’Express journalist, François Koch, revealed the letter sent by PGM of Corsica, Paul Scaglia, to 39 influential members of the SGC, mostly close allies of Ephesse (Big Moustache, Henry the Breancounter, Jacquet, Moneybags Latreille, Le Guérinel, Rivolet, Tardivel, Gauthier, etc), as well as former close collaborators.


It is important that readers note Paul Scaglia is President of the Corsican Commercial Court, an important public function, requiring probity and reserve.


Scaglia attacked Miss Monique and Justice Kurz accusing them of aiding the opposition to seize power and get their hands on the GLNF crown jewels. He attacks on two fronts, the courts (Ephesse has issued a writ against Miss Monique) and the ultimate battleground, the SGC meeting of March 30th. The virulence of the e-mail has sent shockwaves throughout the GLNF and has been reported in numerous blogs.


Yesterday morning the screw was turned somewhat tighter. Fidlèle d’Amour, the Dauphiné Savoie Myosotis moderator, who openly supports Jean Murat’s candidature for the Grand Mastezrship, and who had reported the e-mail revealed by François Koch, received a disturbing e-mail from Paul Scaglia :




Dear Emmanuel S.,


I read your article in the Dauphiné-Savoie blog carefully, faithful as we all know you are to Jean Murat.


I would not comment upon your position but I hope to have the opportunity to come across you soon in Geneva where i often go and where the Corsican community is as important as yours…


It would be my pleasure to call upon you on the off chance that you were at (here he states Emmanuel S’ private address), hoping to meet you, and to give you the opportunity to tell me personally the motives behind the judgement you have made of me !!!


One thing is true in what you wrote : «He is an influential man on the island and many fear him. It is unadvisable to get on his wrong side, many will tell you that, particularly among François Stifani’s opponents, who avoid attacking him, an eloquent testimony”, you can note that yourself…


Be warned…


I do not recognise you.


Paul Scaglia 


End of translation


What is behind this bizarre e-mail ? It gives no new light on the reasons behind Scaglia’s collective e-mail to SGC members. By suggesting his power and influence and showing he knows his address, is he trying to scare Fidèle d’Amour ? Is it yet another sign at how worried and desperate the Stifani camp is becoming ?


One thing is sure, I won’t be inviting Paul Scaglia for afternoon tea and scones with the vicar’s wife !!!


Frankly, the whole thing reads like a first draft of a “B” movie inspired by Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett. If Emmanuel S starts taking swimming lessons with concrete boots in the cold March waters of Lake Geneva we’ll let you know !

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Paul Pincus 03/08/2012 19:18

Paul Scaglia, shame upon you, sir (or should I say, "cur"). You have no place in Freemasonry. Begone !

Paul Pincus - Wesley Collegian's Lodge 358 UGLV, Australia

Winnie 03/08/2012 21:13

Even in the Antipodes the brethren will pursue this false Brother

Oppy 03/08/2012 19:15

This is an outrage. Paul Scaglia, supposedly representing justice in Corsica, is openly flaunting the laws of the Republic. He is making an openly racist attack upon a devout, practising jew and
his religious community. Freemasonry must rid itself of this cowan.

Winnie 03/08/2012 21:12

And the quicker the better !