Court of Appeal decision put off until September 8th

Published on by Winnie

After waiting for 2 ½ months for the Court of Appeal decision members of the GLNF and readers of Myosotis blogs will have to wait another 2 months. The announcement of the decision has been postponed until September 8th. At the very last moment the President of the Court realised that there had been a mistake in the procedure. Certain documents (which will almost certainly have no effect whatsoever on the outcome) had been lodged with the wrong department of  the court.


The court has decided to re-examine these documents. Which is perfectly normal.


However, LML in English points out that these documents concern a voluntary deposition made just a few days before the case was heard. And this voluntary deposition came from 14 GLNF members on the Riviera (François Stifani’s stronghold), all closely allied to him. It is regrettable that the documents were wrongly presented. If that is the fault of a member of the court administrative staff we can only deplore incompetence. If, however, the error comes from the lawyer or his staff, we are obviously going to wonder if François Stifani has not gained at least another 2 months thanks to yet another of his well-known delaying tactics.

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