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Once the turkey, foie gras and champagne is finished it will be time to get back to masoning and, unfortunately, concerning ourselves with the future of the GLNF. Having already noted your monthly Lodge meetings in your 2012 diary, your side degree meetings as well (“But Darling, I told you way back in January that I’m taken up every 3rd Friday of the month in the evening, except July and August ! Sound familiar ?), now it’s time to note 3 important dates :


January 13th : The Paris Court of Appeal will hand down its decision concerning the illegal multi-location AGM of October 2010. I am sure the main decision will go against François Stifani and therefore a new AGM will have to be called “without delay” as the court ordered Miss Monique to do way back on January 24th, 2011. The 2 subsidiary questions I am far less sure of the result. In fact, I’m sure they won’t be answered, the court declaring them outside its competence, which will allow François Stifani to pick and chose the the SGC composition as best suits him and the same for the Lodges who will be allowed to send delegates.


January 21st : The first Conventions of Lodge delegates to the ULRF. What will be on the agenda is yet to be published but much, if not everything, will depend upon the appeal court decision of January 13th.


February 4th : Despite the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal (January 13th) not being known Miss Monique has already fixed the date for the GLNF Association AGM. We obviously don’t have the same definition of “without delay” ! For months she has been stalling behind the excuse that there was no point calling the AGM before the appeals court made its decision known. So why the about face all of a sudden ? We’ve seen meetings proposed and then cancelled, promises that important documents would be made available “without delay” (that expression again !), an AGM scheduled for December 7th in the Paris Palais des Congrès which was already booked for an international medical conference. Why is Miss Monique so sure that the AGM will occur on February 4th and that only those who have paid their 2010 – 2011 dues and have the sticker will get a seat and will be allowed to vote ? Could it be that she knows something we don’t about the January 13th decision ? I’ll leave it to you to reach your own conclusions.

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