"Dear Minister"... ... a call for disciplinary measures against Miss Monique

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Claude SEILER, President of FMR, has written to Michel MERCIER, the Garde des Sceaux (the French Minister for Justice), calling for disciplinary measures to be taken against Maître Monique LEGRAND, the court appointed GLNF administrator.




Mr Seiler’s 4 page letter expresses the accumulated exasperation of the GLNF Brethren at the seeming reluctance of the administrator to do what she was appointed to do a whole 11 months ago, to put out the fires raging inside the Obedience.


Maître Legrand is accused of :


grave failings in her duties and her oath in the exercise of the tasks she was appointed to undertake


a multiplicity of unfulfilled promises or undertakings.


the lack of transparency in her remuneration.


authoritarian and arbitrary decisions.


the absence of control in the disciplinary actions undertaken by the former management.


the risky and hasty sale of the “Wagram” apartment realised with scant regard for the GLNF interests. (the sale realised a noteworthy net loss)


The possibility of her eventual suspension is evoked in case of disciplinary measures being taken.


In a no holds barred presentation Claude Seiler raises the question of a seeming connivance between the Maître Legrand and François Stifani. The end result of this arrangement appears to be a prolongation of the crisis, leading to massive resignations by the Brethren and the radicalisation of the opposition, certain to leave open wounds that will take time to heal, if the GLNF manages to survive.


This new action placed before the highest legal authority of the republic is totally independent of a number of other legal procedures that various Brethren have opened against Maître Legrand over recent days. Decisions concerning some of these other actions are likely to fall within the next fortnight.


Some view the GLNF as a fat turkey ready to be sliced up and devoured, sauce and all. But the majority of the Brethren are of another opinion. They have had enough of being considered as some sort of sitting duck.


Those who have followed Maître Legrand’s career prior to her appointment to solve the GLNF problems know she has a tendency to end up in hot water. Striking examples are the “Désert de Retz” affair and the French Equestrian Federation.


Her Christmas turkey seems a trifle underdone !





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