December 3rd, be there !

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Brethren of the GLNF, be you Worshipful Master of your Lodge, an Officer, or simply a member. It doesn’t matter if you have never help Provincial Office. Who cares if you have never before attended the annual meeting of Grand Lodge on the first Saturday in December.


The GLNF is in the middle of the worst crisis in its almost century long history (I hope closer to the end than the beginning !). And next Saturday is such an important moment in the sad series of events that have been going on for 2 years that you must not even wonder whether to go or not. As a member of the GLNF you have an absolute obligation to be there.


I know that it is programmed as a circus to glorify the image of François Stifani, to pretend to the few foreign delegations that deign to attend that all is well in the State of Pisan. I know the whole show is a farce from go to whoa. I know the numbers are stacked in Stifani’s favour. I know that if everything goes according to the Pisan Ministry of Propaganda plan, each proposition will be passed, perhaps even with one of those 99.9% majorities that occur frequently in those African countries where Stifani’s mates are President for life (from father to son for several generations) and Grand Master for life of the country’s Grand Lodge (just like Papa before them).


I know only too well that you will probably be turned away at the door for any one of a multitude of reasons :


your Lodge’s 2 official delegates are already inside (that means you’re one of the lucky Lodges, or your Lodge is one of the dwindling number to have avoided suspension, exclusion, confiscation of warrant, etc).


your GLNF membership card hasn’t got the 2010 – 2011 sticker (that means that the Provincial Grand Secretary hasn’t sent them out yet or that your Lodge has decided to respect the laws of the republic and pay only that which has been approved by a majority at the GLNF Association AGM)


your name is on one of a number of lists of Lodges that are suspended or excluded (more than one in eight !), you personally are under suspension, exclusion or you have been struck off the GLNF register, etc, etc.


So, if you have little chance of getting in, why bother going ? simply, to demonstate with dignity your indignation at the confiscation of our noble institution by a ruthless few who have no consideration for the true meaning of Regular and Traditional Freemasonry.


The register will be available for signature as of 11.30 a.m. and the meeting will begin at exactly 1 p.m. (with the possible exception of François Stifani lunching at the Jules Verne, keeping the Brethren waiting for 2 hours and running up a bill of 27000€).Crowd control will be heavy, Gorillas Incorporated will be there in great number, and the checking of cards and names will take an eternity.


Arm yourself with patience, remain dignified no matter what. The ULRF, FMR – Myosotis teams will be there to assist you, they will have “huissiers de justice” to formally witness any incident. There is every likelihood that the media will be there. François Stifani is hoping that events outside will turn hostile. That would suit him right down to the ground. Don’t give him the satisfaction.


Let’s make this the largest demonstration the GLNF has ever seen, make your rejection of this illegitimate regime felt. Contact each and every member of your Lodge, each and every GLNF Brother you know and encourage them to be at Levallois Perret next Saturday.

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