Declaration signed conjointly by the three Grand Masters

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The GLNF and other Grand Lodges have today been sent the following

Declaration signed conjointly by the three Grand Masters


La Grande Loge Suisse Alpina – Grand Lodge of  Switzerland,

La Grande Loge de Luxembourg – G.L.of  Luxemburg

La Grande Loge Régulière de Belgique – Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium


By their Grand Masters, meeting this 13th day of  December 2010 in Brussels,

Declare :

That they have, throughout its history, entertained close relationships with the, Grande Loge Nationale Française ;

That it is therefore with sadness and increasing concern that they have observed for over a year  the serious tension existing in the GLNF.

That they intend to refrain from any interference in the internal affairs of Grand Lodges recognized by them;

That, nevertheless, geographic and linguistic proximity on the one hand, and the deep meaningfulness that they accord to international recognition, on the other hand, lead them to state:

That “dissensions and irregularities” within the Grande Loge Nationale Française – (to use the terms used by other regular French Masonic bodies)– are of such a nature as to cast discredit on all regular Freemasonry.

That the recent press revelation available in their three coutries of documents issued by the governing body of the Grande Loge Nationale Française, committing the Jurisdiction politically would seem to point to a demeanour contrary to the traditional principles of regular Freemasonry.

That despite the international impact of such news and events, they dispose of no official information or communication from the GLNF.

Whereby and wherefor,

Call upon the GLNF and its governing body to clarify its position as to these statements as rapidly as possible  

They reserve the right, each separately and sovereignly to draw whatever conclusions they consider necessary , according to their respective Constitutions, Charters or By-Laws

They entertain the hope that the GLNF will discover, in its courageous past and the immense grandeur of its vocation, the energy and desire to apply without the slightest ambiguity and in a re-found serenity, its “twelve point Rule”


Jean-Michel Mascherpa                   Paul Geisen                            Eli Peeters

Grand Maître                          Grand Maître                Grand Maître

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Comment on this post

John Sage 12/15/2010 18:54

It's about time this idiot of a so called Grand Master fell on his sword.
I have been a member of a French Losge for over 15 years and I am really tired of the way Stifani and his cohorts have desecrated the beliefs of Freemasonry.
I do not intend to resign and I will not be paying any more money to Paris. I was a witness to a certain PGM taking money (mentioned on another post by S Burrough). Strange thing, this PGM had a
new Mercedes shortly after! Let us all stay together on this and pray that a new GLNF will emerge. Stronger and better.

charles 12/15/2010 18:51

Thank you, we need you...
You give us hope in these black days...
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...