Desperately seeking international representatives

Published on by Winnie

Frantic moves are afoot on the 3rd floor of the bunker to save face next Saturday. Ephesse has received virtually no positive replies to his invitations sent to the foreign Grand Lodges, particularly the European ones. And there have even been one or two withdrawals after having initially accepted to be seen with him in public. And now that 172 foreign Grand Masters have received a letter from the Opposition I can hardly see the numbers improving.


In a desperate attempt to avoid what can only be viewed as an international slap in the face the order has gone out to his dwindling number of sympathisers to find any Brother (who cares if he hasn’t got a blue apron, we’ll find him one) who has the slightest contact with a foreign Grand Lodge. This new idea hatched by the Pisan Propaganda Ministry is to have these Brethren parade on Saturday as “representatives” of the Grand Lodge of Whatsitzname, Whosameewatzit or Thingamybob.


With each blue apron comes a Djibouti diplomatic passport, an Air Bongo frequent flyer card and the code for the Ephesse electronic signature.

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