Dissension In The Ranks

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Over the past month the governing bodies of the 3 major Rites practiced in Lodges of the GLNF have expressed their concern at the internal strife affecting what should be peace and harmony. Then 3 neighbouring Grand Lodges expressed similar concern. Over the past 12 months thousands of individual Brothers  have openly declared their disagreement with how the GLNF is being run and have called for the impeachment of Grand master François Stifani.


Now for the first time a lodge has put pen to paper refusing to recognise the Grand Master, his national and provincial officers, all decrees, etc emanating from them and the wearing of all decorations linked to these functions. I don’t have all the details of what generated the decision by the Lodge to make this declaration but it seems that a GLNF Officer complete with blue apron and all the gold paraphernalia tried to force his way into a regularly programmed Lodge meeting where he had been told he was not welcome in his function.



At its meeting of December 17th 2010 the Respectable Lodge Gnomon N° 815 at the Orient of Rozay en Brie (in the French Department of Seine et Marne, close to Paris), decided :


“by a majority vote of members present to make the following declaration to all the Brethren of the GLNF and to all its lodges :


The Lodge Gnomon 815 confirms:


Its attachment to the Rule in 12 points and to the great founding principles of freemasonry.


The Lodge Gnomon 815 notes:


Infractions to the Rule in 12 points, actions and behaviour contrary to the Masonic ethic, committed in his function as Grand Master of the GLNF by Mr François Stifani,

Supported directly or passively by his Grand Officers and by his Provincial Grand Masters and the National and Provincial Officers.

The illegitimacy since March 25th 2010 (General Assembly of the GLNF) of Mr François Stifani in the function he fulfils and the consequent illegitimacy of his Grand Officers, Provincial Grand Masters and National and Provincial Officers.


The Lodge Gnomon 815 does not recognise:


Mr François Stifani as Grand Master of the GLNF;

The Grand Officers, Provincial Grand Masters and National Officers that he named or maintained in these titles;

The Provincial Officers named or maintained by the said Provincial Grand Masters;

The decrees, ordinances, decisions or directives of all sorts, taken by Mr François Stifani, the Grand Officers, Provincial Grand Masters, National and Provincial Officers;

The wearing of decorations linked to the current or past functions of Grand Master, Provincial Grand Master, National Officers and Provincial Officers.


The Lodge Gnomon 815 has decided the following:


The only decorations allowed in Lodge will be:

The apron of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craftsman, Master Mason, Worshipful Master, Past Worshipful Master of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (REAA) and, in the case of visitors, the decorations of their Rites.

The sash and Jewel of office held by the officers of the Lodge;

The Worshipful Master’s sash and square for Worshipful Masters in their function from the Lodge or those of visitors.

With the exception of Worshipful Masters in office and officers of the Lodge, all other Brothers of the Lodge or visitors will be considered solely in their quality as entered apprentice, fellow craftsman, master or past installed master.

These rules stand no matter what the agenda of the meeting, including the installation meeting.

The elected Worshipful Master will be installed according to the ancient customs of the REAA by the retiring Worshipful Master assisted by past installed masters of the lodge and eventually visitors in their quality of current Worshipful Master or past installed master.


The Lodge Warrant will be given into his custody by the retiring Worshipful Master who was its keeper.


Signed by the current Worshipful Master, Jean-Noël Deloisy

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