Dissension In The Ranks – Now We Know Why

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In a previous article “Dissension In The Ranks” (LML in English, December 22nd) I stated I didn’t have all the facts concerning why an entire Lodge issued the declaration. Now we know why : (see “Merci Jean-François”, Myosotis Brie Champagne, December 14th 2010)


For some time the members of the Lodge, particularly concerned by the current internal upheavals of the GLNF felt that their best interests were served by working in Lodge without outside intrusion. The WM forwarded this request to the PGM, thereby hoping to avoid the presence of Provincial Officers who were in the habit of visiting and making their presence felt heavily during the meetings. Not surprisingly, the PGM replied that such a request was foreseen and that the PPOO would be present at the next meeting, Monday December 13th.


The BB of the Lodge saw this as a direct provocation and decided to refuse the presence of the PPOO and, should they try to force themselves upon the Lodge, the VM would not open. Four PPOO turned up and while 2 were on the phone, not to the PGM, but to the Super Prefect (see “The Super Prefects” LML in English, December 21st) the other 2 monopolised proceedings with speeches menacing those present with guilt and retribution and glorifying our spiritual guide, Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles and Air Gabon frequent flyer.


The Lodge still hadn’t opened (it was now after 9 p.m.), the VM and the BB of the Lodge tried to calm the atmosphere but to no avail. Then the Super Prefectorial Sanction fell: either the Lodge opened with the PPOO present or its Warrant was withdrawn !!!! Courageously, knowing full well the consequences of their decision, the VM and the BB refused to open.


A few visitors witnessed this Masonic outrage, worthy of the finest efforts of the Stasi or the SS. The black shirts of fascism have been replaced by blue aprons with gold trimmings.


Jean-Noël Deloisy, VM of the Respectable Lodge Gnonon N° 815 and all the courageous BB of your Lodge, let it be known that you are wholeheartedly supported by thousands of BB of the GLNF. May your action be an inspiration to all of us. Hold on, goodness will prevail.


I notice that your Lodge meetings are still scheduled on the Brie Champagne Province website. I, for one, intend to visit you in the very near future.




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John Sage 12/22/2010 23:06

This is fantastic! For Brethren to stand up to the PGM in such a fashion is worthy of the highest respect. If I were able, I would visit your Lodge in an instant. As I cannot, you have my utmost
respect. John.