Don’t forget your camera

Published on by Winnie

Myosotis PACA reveals that the Ephesse advisory team on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker have requested the assistance of the French National Police, civil servants paid with our taxes, to maintain order within the meeting room of tomorrow’s Grand Farce.


Should there be trouble of any sort, who will be responsible, Maître Monique Legrand, appointed by the courts to administer the GLNF




Ephesse himself who, despite his resignation 10 months ago, continues to assume the role of Boss and Miss Monique lets him do so ?


César du bar de La Marine, moderator of Myosotis PACE, with an eye to respecting the Laws of the republic, invites all Brethren who succeed in gaining entry to the meeting room, to individually photograph all persons concerned with security and maintaining order.


Myosotis PACA will announce a centralising address where Brethren can send their photos which can then be forwarded to the IPGN (the General Inspectorate of the National Police) and the DGI (General Direction of the Finance Ministry).


Such good citizen action will assist the appropriate ministries in their vigilance concerning the respect of work contracts and modes of remuneration for civil servants.

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