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Translation of an article by Kazantzakis, posted on Maine-Atlantique blog on January 14th

In a letter dated January 13th and sent to the Provincial Grand Masters the spiritual guide, Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer and recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace lets a few signs of weakness appear. There would appear to be some slack in the knotted cord :


  1. He apologises for having contacted AFP (Agence France Presse) before informing those close to him (there can’t be many left !!)
  2. He pleads for Serenity and Ponderation, two qualities soundly lacking in himself.
  3. He asks those close to him (very few) to present his side of the story to the Brethren, an exercise in selling the unsellable.


He lists the problems confronting him, a non-exhaustive list obviously, and seems to believe that his flagrant contradictions will go unnoticed.


-          The organisation of the AGM and its excessive cost. No doubt that’s why he is organising a third one; the first should have sufficed, his minority being more than flagrant.

-          The request for the nomination of a judicial administrator, where he presented this non-obligation as a victory on December 7th. His request was immediately rejected by the judge (he’ll need a good lawyer to get round that one, at our expense, obviously !!)

-          The stigmatisation of the annual fees strike while, today, no fees have been validated nor are legally due and this has been the case since the AGM of December 2009, 58 weeks ago, those having been paid in time, received and banked by the Grand Treasurer a long time ago.

-          The reiterated refusal to put his recovation to the vote at the future AGM, a flagrant denial of a court decision, backed up by the most outrageous arguments that even the least intelligent 1st year law student would see through.

-          He wants to have control of the calendar while he is under sentence to execute the decision of the court in the briefest delay, a judicial obligation he cannot avoid.

-          He contests his choleric, autocratic image (that one brought a few laughs).

-          He points out all the Commissions he has created, forgetting (selective amnesia, no doubt)  to state that he has never taken their recommendations into account and today he writes that he awaits the conclusions from the Reform Commission. We could make a few suggestions.


Finally, he calls the umpteenth meeting of the Provincial Grand Masters (January 21st) whose composition evolves faster than the transmissions, what with the resignations and the sackings even when he co-opts someone who has only been in masonry for 9 years (same goes for the board of administration that can’t even make a quorum).


All that couched in the syrupy tones of “Love one another”, paradoxical coming from one who sows discord, turns one against the other, whose sole aim is to preserve his place and his personal prerogatives in total disdain of the overall interests of the brethren and of an Obedience that has become the laughing stock of the entire Freemasonry world.


While waiting for the next exciting episode of this pathetic drama, knowing full well that the revolt is growing, that those loyal to him are becoming fewer by the day and that his inglorious imminent departure is now unavoidable.


For the first time he raises the possibility of “putting his mandate in the hands of the Sovereign Grand Committee to designate a new Grand Master”.


François, you can be sure of our vigilance as to the choice of your successor.

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