Dupinay sacked by Miss Monique

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The ink was hardly dry on the letter announcing the composition of the 6 member Commission to review all sanctions made since January 21st 2011 and already Miss Monique has sacked one of Ephesse’s puppets.


The notorious and over zealous Jean-Paul Dupinay, well known for the damage he caused in Val de Loire Province, was one of three members representing the current GLNF management. In a totally stupid move he wrote to 66 members of the SGC boasting how firm he intended to be as a member of the commission. As well, he announced that :


2 of his fellow commissioners wereeven intending to reinstate SGC members who had died (an Ephesse  puppet does the Lazarus trick !!!)

He intends blocking Miss Monique’s entry to the SGC meeting (he’s forgotten that Miss Monique has court approval for Cecurity, her security firm, to handle the crowd control !).

Should that fail, 50 members would declare their candidature for Grand Master (he seems to have forgotten that the candidatures are already closed !)

Should that fail, 150 to 200 SGC members would leave the meeting (not very intelligent, that would diminish the Stifani clan vote by the same number !)

Should that fail, he intends going to court to contest the result (original !!!)


When you write to 66 people you can be sure someone is going to leak the news, which is exactly what happened; a copy found its way to the desk of François Koch, L’Express journalist. link


Predictably Koch published an article. Dupinay counter-attacked immediately threatening to sue (original once again !) should Koch actually publish the letter. That sort of thing is water off a duck’s back to any worthwhile journo.


Having truly put both feet in his mouth, Dupinay should not be surprised that Miss Monique got angry as soon as she heard what was going on. Immediately (via her legal eagle as usual) she shot off an ordinance sacking Dupinay and replacing him by the Murat representative, Pierre Emery.


But will this game of musical chairs change anything ? The commission will examine each sanction, but only one commissioner per case and the decision is final. No appeal is possible.


The members of the SGC appointed since January 21st, 2011 remain members. As for those replaced by Stifani apparatchiks, only a certain number will be reinstated. A file is only examined if the Brother specifically requests it. And a certain number are no longer GLNF members, having resigned in disgust or frustration, or died (see above). And even if a member gets the green light he must be up to date with his dues. No chance to express your opposition by withholding the cash.


The most popular candidate, Alain Juillet (see NI NI survey, for what it’s worth), is not even sure of being allowed to participate. Stifani sacked him from the SGC and should his file fall into the hands of the wrong commissioner you can be sure he won’t get any further down the track.


And no matter what then result on March 30th the losing party is going to contest it via the courts. And we’re in for years of court cases. The only solution is to create the new Obedience, get its Constitutions, Statutes and By-Laws ratified by the adherents. Should Alain Juillet, by some sort of miracle (don’t hold your breath !!!), win on March 30th, the new structure can be reabsorbed into the reborn GLNF.


The lame duck Stifani lackeys have really shown their talents over the past couple of weeks. Can you really have confidence in a team which :


has a PGM who threatens his officers with African voodoo (Neustrie Province)

has a PGM who threatens Brethren with mafia and anti-semitic standover tactics (Corsica Province)

has a PGM who is convicted of libel and allows a Temple to be vandalised (the star of the Harcourt Studio)

has a member who writes such inanities to SGC members (Dupinay)

has a member whose only talent is to issue writs as delaying tactics (Balloo the Legal Bear)


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Stephen Burrough 03/14/2012 12:39

Surprisingly, the excellent and very objective Express blog La Lumière calls this one of the most wretched of all the wretched stifani henchmen, Dupinay, a mason of very little experience (although
PGM of recent date), an "eminent dignataire de la GLNF"!
I presume it is a sort of humour of François Koch's, to call this most un-eminent mason of no dignity that masons true can recognise, "an eminent dignitary of the GLNF". A reading of which in the
second degree gives the revelation that in the GLNF, there are less eminent dignataries still". Well, we knew that, anyway!
Onwards, Brethren, onwards! We can no longer look back on this sordid body claiming to be masonic with any but the joy of deliverance.

John Sage 03/14/2012 10:30

All this is bad news whichever way we look at it. I will bet that this will go on for a very long time. I will also bet that any new "Obedience" that is formed will not achieve "Recognition" by
UGLE as long as UGLE still recognises GLNF. From the UGLE point of view, nothing has happened to change their views. I'll bet at this Quarterly Comms meeting in London nothing will be said or even
hinted to do with GLNF or France. This is a sorry state of affairs that will only lead to more Masons with membership of UGLE and GLNF leaving.

I just hope that I am wrong - but I know different.