Election of the new Grand Master on March 30th

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Everything is moving very quickly and, for once, it seems to be moving in the right direction. However, caution is the by-word. After 27 months we have seen our hopes dashed all too often.


Nevertheless …


Late yesterday Miss Monique’s personal legal eagle, the ever-present Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin, issued a long, very long, communiqué following the meeting of the lawyers representing interested parties and each known candidate for the Grand Mastership. link


A number of radical decisions were taken during the meeting.


A return to the electoral college prior to January 21st, 2011


As we have maintained right from the start…. …and as the courts of the land confirmed recently:


François Stifani has no greater status than that of member of the GLNF

Since his resignation on January 21st, 2011 he is no longer either Grand Master or President.

And all decision taken since that date in his name, either directly or indirectly, have no value whatsoever.


And if any National Officer, PGM or Provincial officer asserts otherwise, he’s leading you up the path in the garden (as they say in India).


That means that all appointments since that date, PGM, National Officer, Provincial Officer, member of the Sovereign Grand Committee are null and void !!!


That also means that all sanctions taken against Provinces, Lodges and Brethren since that date can be nullified ! (Request to be made formally to Miss Monique by registered letter before March 5th) MOST IMPORTANT  1 And make sure you send a copy to FMR and/or ULRF.


Champagne will be flowing after a number of Lodge meetings in the days to come.


MOST IMPORTANT N° 2 : To be eligible to be part of the electoral college and vote at the future AGM (where the new GM will be ratified) your Lodge must have paid its dues. That’s normal, it was voted at the February 4th AGM. And as usual Miss Monique hasn’t lost sight of the cash register. But she has indicated that Lodges will be able to pay in several instalments.


The Sovereign Grand Committee


Currently composed of 495 members (the Stifani – Sidery list) … … about 250 of them were already members on January 21st, 2011… …about 120 others have been “resigned” since then, and they can request their reintegration. As for the rest, 221, appointed directly or indirectly by Ephesse since that date, they can trade in their blue aprons.




What about the future AGM ?


Instead of about 250 Lodges allowed to vote on February 4th (from a total of 1630, a mere 15%) … … if all those that have been suspended, excluded, struck off, etc for any number of reasons (signing a petition, joining the ULRF, refusing to recognise an illegitimate PGM or his officers, purported irregularities at the installation ceremony, and the list goes on,…) the number of Lodges whose 2 delegates will be eligible to vote will be much closer to the 1630 than a mere 250. But don’t forget, for the Lodge to be eligible to vote it will have to be up to date with its dues.




The Voting Procedures have been completely changed !!!


At SGC level :


It is at the SGC meeting that the new Grand Master is ELECTED. Afterwards his election is RATIFIED by the Lodge delegates at the AGM.

Traditionally the election is one round, he who has the highest number of votes carries the day. With 8 or 9 candidates the new Grand Master could be in with less than 20% of the votes.

At yesterday’s meeting it was decided that the election will be on a two round basis except if a candidate obtains an absolute majority in the first round… … which will not be the case this year.

The second round will be contested by the two candidates who obtained the most votes in the first round.

And he who obtains the most votes in the second round will be the new GM.

The election will be held on Friday, March 30th.




The number of candidates is growing by the minute. Already declared are :

the eternal (ageing) bridesmaid Jean MURAT

Jean-Pierre SERVEL (who invented the expression “the ultimate link between God and the Brethren)

ULRF President Alain JUILLET (whose manifesto is for a mandate of ONE YEAR only as a transition period)

Jean-Paul PERES, former PGM of Neustrie province, then Paris Grande Arche Province, one of the first opponents to Stifani, but who has made several return trips between Pisan and the opposition since those early days.

Bernard HEYRAUD, Grand Secretary to Ephesse, the fastest pen in the West, can write an exclusion ordinance in the blink of an eye. It is rumoured he is no longer the flavour of the month with the self-proclaimed spiritual guide.

Daniel JACQUET, Assistant Grand Master, often presented as Ephesse’s “dauphin”.


And why not Ephesse himself ? We are told Miss Monique has advised him to drop it. But you know what he’s like… … knock him down, run over him, cut his head off, castrate him. He just stands up, brushes the dust off and continues on his angry way. Despite all evidence to the contrary, don’t be surprised if François Stifani throws his hat into the ring !


And if he doesn’t, Balloo the Legal Bear has indicated he will be putting his name on the list.


Yesterday’s meeting of the lawyers with Miss Monique was the coup de grace for François Stifani. This time he’s finished ! He won’t be Grand Master for the GLNF centenary ! His ghostwriter and Paris PGM, Sébastien DULAC, might have to rewrite a few chapters of the GLNF Centenary history !


The repeated defeats suffered by Ephesse these past weeks (Grand Lodge on December 3rd, AGM on February 4th, the Paris Court of Appeal, the Conference of North American Grand Lodges, etc) have put paid to him. Not only has he suffered defeats, he has made disastrous tactical decisions (such as getting Balloo the Legal Bear to write to Miss Monique on January 17th telling her she was no longer needed).


He has not only lost face… …he has also lost control… … of the game and of the agenda.


With the return to the electoral college of January 21st, 2011, the new electoral process within the SGC, the hope of a more democratically representative AGM, we can HOPE that Alain JUILLET, the opposition candidate, will be the next Grand Master. Should he succeed his task won’t be easy. The GLNF must be profoundly reformed from the bottom up. Not just cosmetic touches. A complete re-writing of the Constitutions, Statutes and By-Laws is the first step.


BUT, in the precautionary thinking that the battle isn’t won, we must continue to build the new Obedience. The opposition must remain firm and united and be prepared to leave the GLNF if a Stifani clone wins the day on March 30th. That is why you must join the ULRF and encourage all those who are working on the texts of the new Grand Lodge. There is nothing preventing your being a member of both the GLNF and the ULRF. It is the intelligent option.

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Élihu, fils de Barakeel de Buz 02/25/2012 21:51

With the recognition of the Grand Lodge of Tahiti ... we have now the possibility to extend it to the NGL (New Grand Lodge) !

Let the NGL be a subsidiary og Tahiti !

Winnie 02/26/2012 16:55

The Commission of Recognition of the Conference of North American Grand Lodges can only give an opinion that the various Grand Lodges can adopt or interpret
as they wish. At this point the Grand Lodge of Tahiti has only succeeded the first round. Numerous grand Lodges will not meet for another year. Wait & see. As for the new Grand Lodge becoming
a subsidiary of the GL of Tahiti, if they extend the "Archipelagos" bit to the Glenans I'm all in favour !

John Sage 02/25/2012 21:38

This all looks like good news for those of us in opposition to Stifani and his cronies. However, a few questions. How do we pay outstanding dues? How much do we pay? How does the installments work?
I want to make sure that my Lodge can vote. We are not French speakers and will need some help. We have the money, just need to know how.

Winnie 02/26/2012 11:00

Brother John,

The first thing to determine is how much you owe to both Pisan and the Province and for what year. Your Prov Gr Treasurer can supply you with the figures. Since Miss Monique withdrew the right to
write cheques quite some time ago i'd say the only way to pay is by electronic transfer. Once again, your PGT should be able to help you. I have no idea how the instalment plan will work. There
was no detail in the announcement, just the statement that Muiss Monique would accept such an arrangement. As soon as I get the details I'll post them. So far as not speaking French is concerned
I'll be only too pleased to help as will Arturusrex.