England, Ireland and Scotland pull the plug ...!!!

Published on by Winnie

With no more details than the annoucement we can confirm the the UGLE, the GLs of Ireland and Scotland have decided jointly to SUSPEND their recognition of the GLNF. Suspension does not mean total withdrawal of recognition but it is certainly a step in the direction. More details as they come to hand.

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aurousseau 07/20/2011 18:36

What about french masons living in UK entering in english lodges or visiting them,having given hand in notice from GLNF recently
What a shame for GLNF
An old brethren from London

Winnie 07/20/2011 19:08

At this moment the situation is not totally clear. It would appear that a Brother who is a member of the GLNF and of the UGLEb at the same time can continue
to visit English (or Scottish and Irish) Lodges. But a French Brother who is only a member of tjhe GLNF is likely to be refused. If his name is françois Stifani it is guaranteed that he will be
refused, and rightly so !!!