Ephesse 1st recognises a GL he doesn’t recognise !!!

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Remember the e-mail Ephesse 1st sent to the UGLE on Bastille Day, July 14th ? (but which mysteriously took a whole 7 days to flash through the ether between Paris and London)


Dear UGLE,


I no longer recognise you.




Ephesse 1st


P.S. I wrote this before you did !


Of course no-one believed a word of it. But we must let him play his little games.


So, a few days ago he sends us all a communiqué announcing the creation of a Grand Conseil (Grand Council for those who haven’t managed the translation), a nebulous body selected presumably from among the ever – diminishing group who will accept to be seen with him.


Today, August 26th, we receive the latest edition of “Brèves”, the Pisan Propaganda Ministry official bulletin (the 1st syllable of this word is important !) announcing the composition of the Grand Conseil.


At the same time the self-proclaimed spiritual guide sent the composition to, guess who. Yes, to the UGLE, that same Grand Lodge that he ceased to recognise just over a month ago. link The letter is dated August 24th, announcing the first meeting of the Council for the same day, despite the fact announced in the letter that the Council will begin to function as of September 1st !!! But why would that worry the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace ? He’s a specialist in pre-dating correspondence !


Why would the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles write to London ? Could it be that in his wildest dreams he actually believes the GLNF has a chance of saving itself from the definitive withdrawal of recognition by the UGLE, withdrawal programmed for the next meeting of Grand Lodge in September ?


If you were hoping to see some new faces among the Grand Conseil you’re in for a disappointment. Take the GLNF Association Administration Board that resigned back in January, shove into a cocktail shaker, shake vigourously for a few seconds and pour.  What do you have ? A Grand Conseil.


A Big Moustache

A dog in Italian

A presiding lapdog for a Council of the Elders

A legal bear

Marc the Knife

A scribe specialising in letters confirming the resignation of WMs who didn’t resign.




Ephesse 1st also sent the list to the Regular Grand Lodges with whom the GLNF is in amity and Recognizance. There are so few of them these days that the GLNF secretariat saved on postage, an economy no doubt applauded by Miss Monique.


Numerous Brethren have already questioned on what legal basis this Grand Conseil is based and does it respect the GLNF Constitutions.

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