Ephesse 1st shows the GLNF colours ….to everyone !!!

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In a recent issue of Brèves, the official publication of the Pisan Ministry of Propaganda, readers were informed of Ephesse 1st’s latest way to diminish the GLNF cash reserves : the creation of a full colour glossy “GLNF 101”.


Why 101 ? No explanations. Perhaps the number of mistakes committed by the self-proclaimed spiritual guide since he took office back in 2007. Perhaps the record number of Brethren struck off in a single month. Could it be that the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles imagines himself still on the Pisan 3rd floor after 2013 and he’s projecting himself into the 101st year of the GLNF.


Be that as it may, the first edition of our in-house glossy has been posted to the Brethren. It has started to arrive in your letter boxes in totally transparent packaging. If you begin to get strange looks from your postman, if everyone stops talking when you go into your favourite bar, if the village priest cuts you dead in the street, you can thank Ephesse 1st and his communications advisors, the same ones who suggested he invite the TV cameras into the temples.



photo from "La Lumière" blog

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