Ephesse copies Louis XIV and goes to Versailles

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The “absolute monarch” syndrome has finally got to him. Locked out of Pisan, he has decided Versailles offers a better view.


It is a known fact that every well –trained absolute monarch, styling himself upon the Louis XIV model,  must have his court near at hand at all times and that his courtisans must be ready to respond to his every whim.


Having settled upon the new location Ephesse 1st summons  his court, composed of his PGMs and what is left of his dwindling band of Grand National Officers. link It’s on GLNF letterhead. Now that Miss Monique has changed the locks I suppose he had a ream or two lying around at home. I wonder who’s doing his typing ?


Late yesterday he saw Balloo the Legal Bear disappearing over the side like a rat leaving the sinking ship. Lifebuoy in hand he heaved with all his might and dragged his legal mouthpiece back on board just before he disappeared beneath the briny. When you’re fighting to save the numbers, even a dripping wet grizzly is better than no grizzly at all !


I forgot to mention that he invited Miss Monique to the round table (after the KO punch he received last Saturday he could hardly do otherwise). But reading between the lines he lets her know that this is “mens’ business” and she would do best to stay away :


You’ve done your work…and you’ve cost heaps to the GLNF… I’m still the cock of the walk. With my “staff” we’re going to set things right… we’ve got a project hot off the press…as soon as my pet SGC approves it we’re laughing all the way to the bank !


His reasoning is surrealistic :


“Look at the “centralised” AGM last Saturday. Only about 20% of the Lodges voted !” Of course that’s all Miss Monique’s fault. His selective amnesia overlooks the the wholesale suspension and exclusion of Provinces, Lodges and Brethren carried out at his command over the past two years, particularly this past months.


“Compare that with my “multi-location” AGM of October 16th, 2010 : 80% of the Lodges voted !” He even has the gall to finish “QED” !!!


How much does it cost to make a round table seating 40 something PGMs and a fistful of GNOs ? And is Ephesse 1st going to resuscitate Molière and Lully for some light entertainment ? At what cost ? Don’t ask Henry the Beancounter. He’s forbidden to answer !


We are not privy to the exact location in Versailles for this “round table”. If it’s in the Galérie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) they’ll have no trouble finding a spot to admire their blue aprons plus baubles.  From there they’ll have a fabulous view, fountains in the foreground and the famed Grand Canal stretching away into the distance. You never know, at the end of the day the ultimate link between the Great Architect and the Brethren might perform his famed “walking on water” act !


One thing Ephesse seems to have overlooked… after Versailles came Varennes !!!


In the meantime Iago, cleverly disguised behind a Big Moustache, is hiding in the wings. link you might recall that the last time he sent an open letter he encouraged Ephesse to step down. There are those who suggest that Ephesse helped him with that one. No idea about the latest effort except Big Moustache’s innate ability to put himself in the best light and interpret reality in his own particular way. Could it be a deformation acquired at the same time as the biggest blue apron ?


The height of unreality is his conclusion that the opposition caused an extra shameful expense of 1.7 million euros. We didn’t call for the cancellation  of the March 25th, 2010 AGM. We didn’t call for the multi-location AGM masquerade. And to really twist the knife in the wound he has the effrontery to compare this scandalous expenditure (I agree with him that it is scandalous) with the difficulty of numerous Brethren to pay their dues. Big Moustache, if you and your kind hadn’t over-charged us about 20% per annum for many years (the Bellot audit confirms it) they might not be in the financial straits they’re in now !


Like Iago, Big Moustache suggests he is there for our common good. In a pig’s eye. He’s seen that Ephesse is going down the gurgler. The secrets will out and the only way to plug the dyke is for him to grab the biggest blue apron.


Signature over the title “Grand Maître Immédiat” : such a title doesn’t exist in the GLNF. Does “immediate” mean “past” or “ready to step into the breach immediately” ?

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Ymlaen 02/10/2012 09:01

It is interesting to see that in his letter F.S. considers the vote at the AGM has "cleared his honour". Even if most of the votes went his way as he deprived hundreds of Brothers of their voting
rights, in any association whatsoever such a level of NO votes is absolutely disastrous. It illustrates the shameful actions of the current management. I use the word management advisedly as it is
obvious that they have been running this Masonic Order as a business for some time.

Winnie 02/10/2012 09:35

Management for themselves, "mismanagement" for us !