Ephesse couldn’t « CAIRE » less !!!

Published on by Winnie

LML in English has already reported on yesterday’s fiasco at Cléon in Neustrie Province. The PGM called the Provincial AGM but somehow overlooked sending the summonses to the WMs of the Lodges in the Province. Knowing that the current PGM, Jacques H…, is about as popular as coffins for two it is not surprising that only about 30 Brethren attended with a dazzling display of blue aprons and lots of glitter and only 3 Lodges were represented. Big flop !


The only important thing to come out of the meeting, and important in the negative sense, is that Ephesse struck right at the very heart of Neustrie Province by striking the former (and still considered legitimate by the vast majority of the Brethren) PGM, Marc CAIRE, off the GLNF register.

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