Ephesse discovers democracy

Published on by Allan Sanders

The June 23rd AGM was a tough time for the guru. More than 60% of the Lodge delegates and SGC members gave him the thumbs down. But the self-proclaimed noteworthy French Riviera family man isn’t out of the race yet. He’s definitely a battler. His handlers had hardly toweled him down and he was in a huddle with the Pisan Minister of Propaganda preparing his (mis) interpretation of events to be sent to members of the Grand Council (a body created by Ephesse with no legal justification) and the PGM fawnicators..link

It makes interesting reading :

“…all doubt about the financial management of the Association has been removed,…”. Amazing ! Still no sign of the in-depth audit and the access to the principal ledger that  Miss Monique promised to make available last July !

“…the voting conditions…ensure a greater representation of the Lodges which are geographically close to the single place where the ballot occurred, and to the detriment of those in the most distant Provinces…”. If such is the case why spend up to 300 € per Brother from these faraway places and why rent a plane and a train to multi-ship the Riviera Brethren to Paris for the day ? Perhaps the carrot to attend the next AGM will be an Air France gold pass and lunch at Fouquet's !!!

“This vote…opens a new era and reveals a change in the Brethrens’ conception of our masonic organization with the expression of a will to participate in and arbitrate the association's life without consideration for the hierarchical and pyramidal aspect that has prevailed for the past 99 years…   ...has projected the GLNF into a democratic régime and this change, which raises a number of questions, seems irreversible.” We’re well into the 21st century and Ephesse finally discovers democracy !!!!!!! Only 223 years after the fall of the Bastille. We knew he had embraced the concept of authoritarian dictatorship enthusiastically. Now we know he believes in absolute monarchy by divine right (the link between God and mankind) !

“I will attempt to draw all the necessary consequences…”. Please let us know when !

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Bro Baldrick 07/02/2012 15:32

Just received the latest missive from Effesse. Despite being turned down twice by the Brethren this guy still is blind to the groundswell of opposition and clings to power tighter than a limpet at
high tide. he blames everything and everyone else for the crisis (which is of his own making) This is typical of paranoic behaviour - the refusal to acknowledge the fact that one is wrong. I just
hope that between now and December he eventually sees the light and does the honourable thing (which he should have done long ago)and resign. If he does it before the end of the month he won't owe
the GLNF his subs for next year...

John, Chapter 8 verse 11

Allan Sanders 07/02/2012 16:39

Job, Chapter 33, verse 16