Ephesse KO’s the putsch

Published on by Allan Sanders

Friday’s meeting of PGM’s and “dignitaries” at Pisan where Ephesse was to emerge with a number of knives hanging out of his back turned out to be a resounding victory for the little fuhrer. The coalition of unlikely bedpartners disappeared with barely a whimper when confronted by the biggest blue apron. Ephesse stamped his foot and raised his voice. He xchopped off at least two heads, Heyyraud the No-Hero and Jacques Cambon, the south-west head prefect. Nothing like a good purge to get the troops to toe the line. The rest of the internal opposition disappeared into the cracks between the paving stones.

To top it off, the most mealy-mouthed even went so far as to thank Ephesse for the fine nosh-up he put on for them last week at Fouquet’s.

Other than his victory thye only point of interest to come out of the meeting is his intention to modify the GLNF Statutes so that the Grand Master candidate designated by the SGC need no longer be ratified by the AGM. That’s GLNF democracy for you. A Grand Master designated by a SGC chosen by the Grand Master himself. No reference whatsoever to the great unwashed !!!

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