Ephesse takes a hammering in court (again !!!)

Published on by Allan Sanders

Ephesse’s track record in court over the past 30 months is far from rosy. In fact you’d be right in suggesting he comes up covered in the sticky, stinking stuff more than he does resembling Chanel N° 5. And yesterday he took another beating on the ropes.

François Stifani had issued a writ against Miss Monique claiming her mandate ended with his designation as Grand Master candidate on March 30th. The corollary to this writ was that all expenses engaged by Miss Monique since that date would have to be reimbursed from her personal finances.

Yesterday the Paris Supreme Court accepted that Ephesse had the right to try to sue Miss Monique but declared that his argument leaked like a sieve and threw the writ out the window. The court ruled that Miss Monique remains administrator until such time as a new Grand Master is installed, not just designated, or even ratified by a general assembly of the association. The new Grand Master must be installed by a formal meeting of Grand Lodge, normally on the first Saturday in December.

Costs of 2000 € were awarded against Ephesse. The same old question : who pays ? The same old answer : the GLNF, meaning the dues of those Brethren who are still blind enough to wish to remain.

Meanwhile, Ephesse gets another bout in court tomorrow. The Paris Appeals Court will rule on Miss Monique’s writ against him, claiming that the single round ballot for the grand Master candidate at the SGC meeting on March 30th is illegal. Ephesse hopes that he’ll have his day in court because a decision requiring the SGC to use a 2 round ballot could easily put Ephesse out of the race. Result tomorrow !!!

And only the Great Architect knows whether the AGM will occur next Saturday, no matter which way the judgement goes.

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