Ephesse the « Araldite » GM

Published on by Allan Sanders

If you had any doubts about Ephesse’s intention to cling to the rock (Pisan bunker) like a limpet, just read the latest communiqué from Balloo the Legal Bear, the most rapidly appointed Grand Orator in the entire history of Freemasonry and personal legal eagle to the Stifanatic. link

Interpreting the facts with the precision for which the Pisan Ministry of Propaganda is so renowned Balloo reminds us the Miss Monique didn’t respect the Constitutions in the running of the AGM. Since when did the 3rd floor have any respect for such trivialities as Constitutions ? Sounds very much like the pot calling the kettle black ! He goes on to suggest that a participation of only 43% means the vote wasn’t accurate. I’d remind Balloo and the  little bloke in the big blue apron pulling the strings above him that a similar percentage in his favour at the February 4th AGM was applauded as a resounding victory.

In the light of the two aberrations that ballo has so cleverly identified he reminds us that :

Ephesse’s mandate expires in December 2012

Ephesse will respect usages, customs and the oath he took and will be glued to the highest seat until his successor is duly installed.

Sounds very much like the first declaration of a campaign to be lifetime Grand Master, a first here in Europe, but not unknown in certain African countries frequented by Ephesse, Big Moustache and others of that ilk.

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