Ephesse wants Miss Monique to disappear… …and Miss Monique contests Ephesse’s election !!

Published on by Allan Sanders

It was never meant to be a marriage made in heaven. But it seems the divorce proceedings will be on public display in the market place and the only winners will be the legal eagles.

Miss Monique has yet to digest being pipped at the post by Ephesse on the one ballot – two ballot question for the election of the Grand Master candidate by the Sovereign Grand Committee. So, what does she do in such circumstances ? As usual, she sends her personal legal mouthpiece, Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin in to bat. Representing his favourite client he has lodged an appeal contesting the decision in François Stifani’s favour ordering a single ballot election. The appeal is to be heard on May 10th. At this point we have no indication who will be the presiding judge. It won’t be Judge Patrice Kurz, the third wheel of the Legrand – Dumaine-Martin – Kurz, cart, because he doesn’t preside in the appeals court. Nor have we any information concerning when the court will bring down its decision. But with a bare 6 weeks left between may 10th and the scheduled June 23rd AGM of the GLNF association, my money is on a postponement of the AGM. But that’s not world shattering news. We already announced such a probability weeks ago, not necessarily for the same reason but as you will see there are as many reasons as you want for the AGM to be put off for a very long time.

Should Miss Monique win her appeal (LML in English has no opinion on the question), the March 30th decision of the SGC is thrown out. New call for candidates for the position Grand Master, new determination of the rules of selection, new meeting of the SGC. And following all that : new date (much, much later) for the AGM !

As we have demonstrated in previous articles, the later the better for Ephesse. Every day, more and more GLNF Brethren are leaving to join the GL-AMF (a wise decision), and every day more and more Lodges are giving up in disgust, realising that waiting for June 23rd is a total waste of time.


Not to be outdone (tit for tat mentality) François Stifani has brought a writ against Miss Monique calling for her mission to be ended as of March 30th, the day he was designated as Grand Master candidate. The writ calls for a firm decision on the day of the hearing, scheduled for May 29th.  As part of the preamble to the writ Ephesse’s mouthpiece, Balloo the Legal Bear, the fastest rising Grand Orator in history, calls upon the court to forbid Miss Monique to organise the AGM of June 23rd. Another reason why that date is going down the gurgler ! And isn’t it a coincidence that June 23rd is just prior to the great annual vacation period in France that lasts two whole months. “Stop the machine, I’m off to Saint Trop for R&R ! See you in September !” December 2012 is getting closer by the minute and Ephesse is getting fitted for a GLNF centenary anniversary blue apron !

Balloo is a past master in the gentle art of interpreting judgements or court issued documents. Miss Monique was appointed (by Judge Kurz, as usual) to administer the GLNF until such time as a new Grand Master is designated. On March 30th the SGC only declared Ephesse as Grand Master candidate. But who ever thought a small distinction between “designate” and “candidate” should get in the way of a good writ ? Particularly when GLNF writs pay so well !

An interesting part of Balloo’s ever-amazing mental gymnastics is that he calls for all the organisational costs of the AGM to be footed by Miss Monique (all costs engaged since March 30th). Going further down this tortuous path of reasoning he suggests that Miss Monique’s eviction could lead to considerable savings for the Obedience. This is a first, Balloo and Ephesse being concerned about how much is in the coffers. To bolster his argument Balloo presents the bill for Miss Monique and those who habitually gravitate around her : 1 784 172.83 €, VAT included !!!

The breakdown :

Miss Monique :                                                                                    487 797.57 €

Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin (Miss Monique’s legal eagle) :     199 284.54 €

Cabinet Bellot Mullenbach (Miss Monique’s beancounter):               402 198.48 €

Société Cecurity.com (Miss Monique’s gorillas) :                               694 892.24 €

Several observations arise from these figures :

Miss Monique has a law degree. Why does she need to spend almost 200 000 € of GLNF money to get her lawyer to state what she is perfectly capable of stating herself in the vast majority of cases ? Could it be that in that area she’s not up to it ?

More than 400 000 € to a firm of beancounters who presented an audit report at the February 4th AGM that proved the 2 + 2 = 4. ???? Particularly since they have still to undertake the in-depth audit that Miss Monique promised last July. If a shallow end of the pool audit costs 400 K€, how much do you have to fork out for a deep end job ?

Almost 700 000 € for a team of gorillas and some electronic hardware to count about 900 votes !!!  I’m tempted to be thankful they didn’t supply voting material for everyone who attended the February 4th AGM !!!

With figures like these Bercy (the French Finance Ministry) is laughing all the way to the bank. The VAT  represents 350 000 € !!!

Whichever way you look at it, the divorce is going to be very public, very bloody and bloody expensive.

Just one final observation that really could put the cat among the pigeons. This morning I had a coffee with a GLNF Brother whose opinion I respect and who is a member of the SGC. He suggested (in the case of the annulment of the March 30th SGC decision) that the recently confirmed Murat-Servel agreement to run on a joint Grand Master / Deputy Grand Master ticket has considerable support and that Ephesse is by no means certain of winning again, particularly with the likelihood of a two round secret ballot.

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Flanders province voice 05/05/2012 18:51

Please note that this expanses are due to Stifani actions,
and noboby else

Allan Sanders 05/06/2012 15:04

I couldn't agree more. And I trust someone presents him the bill !!!