Et tu Brutus ?

Published on by Allan Sanders

It’s no secret and LML in English is certainly not claiming a « scoop ». The rumours have been doing the rounds for at least a fortnight. Discreet phone calls, small groups gathered in discreet corners of the Pisan bunker, people passing each other in the corridors and pretending the other didn’t exist.

A “coup d’état” has been prepared by those closest to the little fuhrer. Tomorrow the knives will be drawn at the meeting of the PGM’s and other high (in)-“dignitaries” allegedly faithful and supportive of Ephesse. He called the meeting to explain his vision of the coming events (that means “Sit still and listen to my monologue !”). Except, obviously, his being toppled from the throne.

If you were the official lapdog and you could see that the feedbowl was threatened, what would you do ? “Coalition” is the obvious word, even if the proposed members were chalk and cheese. Even oil and water will mix if there are enough blue aprons and dead boring “Grand this and Past Grand that” titles up for grabs.

The open secret cast Lapdog Cano as Brutus with a supporting cast of :

- a number of PGM’s who have been only too willing to dance to the Stifanatic’s tune these past 30 months or so, excluding Brethren and suspending Lodges to please the self-styled guru

- PGMs formerly of the group of 15, 14, 13, 12… (ten little niggers ?), some of whom have been replaced by members of the previous group

- and National Officers up to their neck for a long time, some for more than 30 months, in the sticky, smelly stuff

- the two opponent candidates for the biggest blue apron, Jean Murat and Jean-Pierre Servel, Big Moustache’s puppet, in there for their bit despite their so-called respectability. To hell with respectability if there’s a big blue apron for the taking.

Come to think of it, how come Big Moustache isn’t on the list ? You can be sure he’s in the wings pulling strings as hard as he can.

So, tomorrow this band of merry Brethren hopes to depose the honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles. Who cares if there is absolutely nothing in the GLNF Constitutions, Statutes and By-Laws that allows such an action. Should the coup d’état succeed the only winners will be the legal eagles. There’ll be enough writs flying around to choke a horse ! Which side will Balloo the Legal Bear support. To date he has always backed Ephesse, but opportunist he is, and he’ll have calculated on what side his bread is buttered.

For those who think Ephesse is going to get the knife tomorrow, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. He’s far from dead and if he goes down, he’ll go down fighting and will take a number of casualties with him.

In fact, the first casualty was announced this evening. Everone’s favourite Heyraud, the grand secretary has had his quill taken from him. And surprise, surprise ! ephesse has already filled the vacancy. The blue apron and golden quill goes to “Dédé”, also known as Daniel Denis (or is that Denis Daniel ?). Who cares ? We’re watching from a distance in the calm of the GL-AMF.

And where is Miss Monique in all this turmoil ? Has she been consulted? I wonder what her reaction will be ? Another AGM ? Why not ? Another 800 or 900 thousand euros down the gurgler. Never fear, the brethren will pay !

And it all couldn’t come at a worse time for the GLNF. July wasn’t a good month for Ephesse in 2011. And the 2012 vintage isn’t looking any better. Watch this space !!!

A final point : since posting the previous article the GL-AMF figures have increased by 7 Lodges to 438 and 302 Brethren to 8360, maintaing a flow of around 150 new members par day. And the vast majority (99%) are coming from the GLNF.

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