Even the Africans are abandoning Ephesse 1st !!!

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In an article dated July 26th the central African internet newspaper “Demain le Nouveau Congo Brazzaville” http://www.demainlenouveaucongobrazzaville.org suggests that even the Grand Lodges of that part of Africa are having their doubts about François Stifani and his system of management. That says a lot when you recall that in that part of the world it is traditional that the president of the country, president for life with total power in every domain is traditionally the Grand Master of that country’s Grand Lodge. And that the tradition passes from father to son. Bongo to Bongo, etc. Regular readers will recall the You-Tube film of the Stifanatic, Big Moustache and CC, plus a handful of apparatchiks in Air Bongo One, the presidential private jet, on the way to the Ali Bongo’s installation as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon. And the film of the installation, discretion not being Ephesse 1st’s strong suit, there were blue aprons and gilded baubles as far as the eye could see.


If Bongo, Nguesso and Co. are having their doubts about François Stifani then the wind has certainly turned against him. Abd he certainly isn’t smelling of roses !!!

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Maurice 07/28/2011 15:08

I saw the film again on the Parliament channel last Sunday.The scene on the aircraft is particularly "interesting" and shocking!
French brethren visiting African ones is quite normal but discreetly and they could have taken a normal airline with humility. They also should have avoided the sequence with aprons just before the
ceremony: we have never seen American or British brethren behaving like that: it is really a shame. Let us hope we shall soon be rid of these false brethren soon with the help of all the Grand
Lodges in the world and of course the help of the Great Architect of the Universe.

Winnie 07/28/2011 19:39

How right you are !