Explosion of «Le Verbe », Stifani’s own Lodge

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A particularly "irregular" verb !!!

LML first reported it in an article Stifani caught in a case of « conflict of interest “ posted on February 1st. The DURET / FENOUD-STIFANI case concerns several members of “Le Verbe” Lodge N° 711, the Lodge Jean-Charles FOELLNER created specially for his dauphin, situated just up the road from Ephesse’s front gate. Several names mentioned in this case involving allegations of fraud, corruption and conflict of interest are not only members of the Lodge but also were sponsored into the GLNF by Ephesse himself.


Faced with the publicity surrounding this affair and the inevitable closer look at the Lodge by the general public and the authorities, justice and otherwise, the WM, fearing for his reputation and his business interests, has thrown in the towel. He has resigned from the Lodge and from the GLNF.


Faced with this vacancy at the top, the 18 remaining officers of the Lodge met (except one who was in America !!! Guess who ?) and decided to resign as well. Will the last one to leave please turn off the lights !


Perhaps a foreboding of what is likely to happen within the Stifani clique when a number of files currently being studied by public prosecutor, police, social security, taxation department, etc, finally come to the top of the pile ?

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