Fiasco Stifani !!!

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Fiasco Stifani !!!

It was going to be such a great day for our fearless leader, self-proclaimed spiritual guide, Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer, recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace, writer of 13 letters to the French President including one asking for the Légion d’Honneur for himself, etc, etc.


Our Ex Grand Master, who appears to be the only member of the GLNF to not know that he is no longer anything whatsoever, had announced that on Wednesday may 4th at 6.30 p.m. he would officiate at two important ceremonies in the Great Temple at Pisan :


  1. The swearing of the oath by the “new” Deputy Grand Master, Alain Cano;
  2. The installation of three Provincial Grand Masters for the Provinces of Neustrie, Bretagne and Rouvray


But things were not to go as François Stifani had hoped !!!


The candidate for the PGM of Neustrie Province sent an e-mail to all the Brethren of Paris Grand Arche Province announcing his installation as their new PGM. Poor Paul Cudjoe is so well suited for the function he doesn’t even know which province he’s to head up !!! And his mistake was most inopportune. Paris Grand Arche already has 2 PGMs, Charles Tordjman, the legitimate one recognised and supported by all the Brethren of the Province, and Michel (sounds like Long Green Boring Vegetable) named by ordinance only last Friday and incapable of stopping a provincial gr          and Meeting on Saturday where it was standing room only. A third PGM for a single province is a trifle excessive even in the eyes of François Stifani.


Unfortunately for our ex fearless leader, word had been leaked by FMR about the proposed ceremonies. With the able help of Myosotis the Brethren were called to protest and demonstrate. At 6 p.m.about 30 of François Stifani’s closest adorers (known to LML in English as “fawnicators), all sporting flashy blue aprons and lots of gilded paraphernalia, were gathered in the ante-chamber of the great temple. There were also in excess of 100 Brethren, none wearing aprons, determined to show that what was to happen was certainly not masonic. The doors remained closed. And it was impossible to obtain access to the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker.


Eventually the news leaked out. The ceremony had taken place in the Grand Master’s office on the 3rd floor, the office that François Stifani continues to occupy despite the fact that he is no longer anything at the GLNF. Whayt was to be the great day for Alain Cano and the other 3 had turned into a fiasco.


One after another François Stifani’s allies are deserting him. Fairly soon he’ll be able to gather them all together at the one time in a telephone booth and still be able to close the door !!!



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