Fiction from the Stifani faction !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

We are accustomed to the Stifanatic interpretation of the truth but his exotic places fawnicator, Philippe T……l has taken the art to a new low. Responding to the publication of a report suggesting that the GL of Minnesota was favourably inclined to Recognition of the GL-AMF, Ephesse got PT to put pen to paper. And just to be sure everyone got the message he translated into a semblance of English and sent it to all the American Grand Lodges. Here’s the result. link

First observation : There are so few Stifani fawnicators left that they can’t even find one who has a basic grasp of English.

Second observation : They are so far from the truth the document is laughable.

If I wasn’t so totally committed to the GL-AMF cause I’d offer to re-do the translation and correct the facts at the same time…!

So let’s see where PT tried to pull the wool over Doug Campbell’s eyes :

Not very diplomatically he suggests “false allegation in your report”. How to get your reader on-side !

He suggests the audits justify the GLNF position. We all know that the in-depth audits promised by Miss Monique a whole 10 months ago have never been carried out. And we’re still waiting to see the principal ledger, the one where the truth really lies. I was at the February 4th AGM. Mr Bellot was quite clear in the implication that 2+2=4, but that he had not had the opportunity to fully study all the documents. Anyone who doesn’t believe that, get Miss Monique to release the videos !

PT alleges that Miss Monique’s appointment is a result of the resignation of the board of administration. Wrong ! It is a direct result of the request to the court by FMR. And the accounts and budgets weren’t “approved by all the Lodge delegates”. With 1630 Lodges on the books in February and 2 delegates per Lodge, the accounts and budget would have been approved by 3260  delegates plus 450 members of the SGC. There were only 965 voters at the AGM. Subtract approximately 400 SGC members and you have a mere 565 delegates, about 280 Lodges, which represents less than 18% of the possible vote. We’re in banana republic statistics !

PT states that Ephesse did not participate “directly or indirectly, in the civil electoral process”. If that is the case what about the “forged” letter he sent to Nicolas Sarkozy pledging the allegiance of the 43000 GLNF members ?  He took a whole 2 years to deny its existence and issue a writ against those who forged his signature and stole GLNF letterhead, a writ no-one has ever seen !  And how does he explain Nicolas Sarkozy’s reply that he never received but whose existence is confirmed by the Elysée Palace ? We’ve said it before : he couldn’t lie straight in bed !!!


PT alleges the courts have condemned the opposition for spreading lies and libeling or slandering Ephesse. True ! 6 Myosotis moderators were each fined the princely sum of 1 euro for publishing the same article. Peanuts compared to what Ephesse and Big Moustache demanded : 50 000 euros each for each of the 6 moderators, a total of 600 000 euros. And there was no obligation to pay anything under article 700 of the French code of justice. The judges saw right through Ephesse’s smoke screen. And PT selectively forgot to inform Doug Campbell that the legal fees for Ephesse and Big Moustache’s lawyers were paid from GLNF funds, funds financed by the very brethren they were suing !

Then PT trots out the old chestnut that the strings are being pulled by the Supreme Council of the A&ASR, 4 whole paragraphs are devoted to it. When are Ephesse and his fawnicators going to read the GL-AMF documents which state quite clearly that the Alliance is sovereign over the 3 basic degrees it administers ? When is Ephesse going to admit that the GL-AMF covers 6 Rites, each with the same importance ? When is he going to admit that the GL-AMF was consecrated by 18 regularly constituted Lodges in Tours on April 28th, the 18 representing 3 Lodges per Rite ?

PT, principal “allegator”, alleges that the GL-AMF claims a membership of 18000 whereas a mere 3000 Brethren have left the GLNF for the Alliance. Both figures are totally wrong. The GL-AMF has never mentioned 18000. On April 28th the grand Treasurer presented a budget based upon a membership at the end of 2012 of 8000 and 13000 at the end of 2013. Today, at the end of May 2012, the officially membership (full details entered into the computer) exceeds 7000 and there are still hundreds of envelopes on the Grand Secretary’s dining room table. We are running on a tight budget. Thanks to the numerous Brethren who give their time freely to help the Grand Secretary.

I love the reference to the GL of Suisse Alpina internal note. Watch this space over the next week or so for a GL of Suisse Alpina declaration. PT might just have to eat his hat !!!

Concerning the GL of Tahiti, like the GL-AMF,  it was consecrated by a minimum 3 regularly constituted Lodges. And in order to give the impression that he had drawn first, Ephesse backdated his letter dissolving the French Polynesian Province (like the e-mail dated July 14th, 2011 which took a whole week to get to the UGLE !!!). We have the official post office proof and we have already published it.

PT, as Ephesse’s emissary to the GLNF Lodges in the Indian Ocean you were a total failure. On the international scene you even worse ! Fortunately our American Brothers can read English, even if it more closely resembles translated French. And they know where the truth lies and can distinguish your lies from the truth.

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