First Stifani sacks Tardivat, now Tardivat sacks Stifani !!! (Jean-Claude Tardivat resigns from the GLNF)

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It couldn’t come at a worse time for François Stifani. Next Monday, August 15th the grand Lodges of Africa are meeting in Capetown. With an ever dwindling base of allies, François Stifani’s last group of GL supporters come from a number of central African countries, mostly countries where democracy is unknown, where the Presidency is passed down from father to son and where the GM of the GL is also the President of the country. And even in this Stifani fief there are a few telltale cracks appearing. Rumour has it that certain GMs prefer to align themselves with the UGLE rather than with François Stifani who has successfully dragged the GLNF to its lowest point in almost 100 years of existence.


As if things weren’t sufficiently grim, his only credible voice on the international scene has resigned from the GLNF and has made sure that everyone knows about it. Jean-Claude Tardivat, Honorary Deputy Grand Master and, until recently, the international spokesman for the GLNF has had enough. “Too much is too much”, he states in his letter of resignation dated yesterday, august 10th, 2001. link


August 10th, 2001

To the regular Grand Lodges


As I have already written to you I decided io leave my functions of DGM of the GLNF in January 2011. My international responsibilities, conserved for a certain time, ended on May 18th.


With regard for my former engagements and respecting my oaths, I did not enrol in any active opposition; on the contrary, as of April 15th, at the request of the Assistant Grand Master and provincial grand masters and with the support of François Stifani, I accepted a mission of re-assembly and of mediation. Unfortunately this mission was sabotaged by decisions and arbitrary sanctions taken by a grand m aster who is convinced he is the victim of a plot : plot by the PGMs, plot by the Jurisdictions of the Higher Degrees, plot by the brethren and now a plot by the Grand Lodges of the entire world.


You have heard that the three Home Grand Lodges of England, Ireland and Scotland communicated on July 20th, the decision taken by the UGLE on the 19th and prior to that by the other two grand Lodges, to suspend their relations with the GLNF.


Upon receipt of this commication François Stifani reacted by sending a letter to all the brethren on July 21st informing them, not of this important news, but of his own initiative to suspend relations with the UGLE on July 14th to avoid “destabilising manoeuvres by certain “Brethren”” ! This letter was accompanied by a copy of a letter in French dated July 14th, the French national day, with the mention, “sent by e-mail”.


This e-mail was received, not on July 14th, but a week later, on the 21st, the date the Grand Secretary circularised the information concerning the end of my international functions that I had already announced a month previously.


In both content and form this puerile reaction of wounded pride, stained by a manipulation of dates in unworthy of a respectable Grand Master but appears to me to be a reflecion of his person : François Stifani alone holds the truth, everyone else is wrong. For every failure he must have a culprit. In his logic it please him to consider that I am the culprit for the decision taken by 3, then 5, then 7, then 10 European Grand Lodges, concerned about the detestable image  given to freemasonry by the GLNF, and sick and tired of unfulfilled promises.


But the pompom goes to the letter sent to the Dignitaries on July 24th, but widely published on the blogs where he also accuses Alan Englefield, assimilating to a meeting of the “opposition” the meeting of June 9th of the Chapter of the English Supreme Council to which we belong and who on that date received the visit, among others, of the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council for France. According to him “The object of this interview was to envisage the creation in France of a district of the UGLE to house the opponents who have boasted among themselves of how many they are…”


Alan Englefield is capable of defending himself or of superbly ignoring an attack that is not only unjust but ridiculous but I hold this remarkable Brother in such high esteem that I cannot just stand by and not react. Who could possibly believe that the grand Chancellor of the UGLE, a mason of  eminent integrity, would be part to such a plot, when with tom Jackson, we have been mandated, on several occasions, by the American Commision of Recognition, to re-establish peace and harmony in several European and South American grand Lodges !


Too much is too much !


Under the current circumstances and with regard for the 3 Home Grand Lodges of whom I am the representative to the GLNF, I am brought to suspending for a time my membership of an obedience which daily plunges deeper into the arbitrary, intolerance and the ridiculous.


This possibility of a temporary interruption to my membership is not foreseen in our by-laws. I have no other choice than to leave the GLNF. My letter of resignation was sent today to my Mother Lodge and to the Grand Secretary.


It is regrettable that after 30 years of happiness shared with my Brethren and all the work carried out on an international scale so that our GLNF should shine on all the continents, that I should be forced into making this extremely difficult decision. I take it consciously for I no longer have any respect for the current management of the GLNF and it is impossible for me to support passively the multiple deviations that create such a mess and lead to isolation and irregularity.


As of now I feel freed of my oaths vis à vis he who pretends to be “Grand Master” and who seems devoured by the immensity of his ego and an obsession about persecution, reigning without sharing and, above all, with no consideration for the Brethren.


In the hope that those who have chosen to fight from the interior succeed in their attempt to cleanse, >I take my freedom of word and action in dignity  and respect of the rules of Regular Freemasonry to which I continue to belong and which links me to you for ever.


Jean-Claude Tardivat





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