FIVE European Grand Lodges take the ultimate step

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It is with great regret that LML in English informs its readers that FIVE European Grand Lodges (in fact 9, because Germany is a union of 5 grand Lodges) have withdrawn recognition of the GLNF. They are :


Grand Lodge of Belgium

Grand Lodge of Suisse Alpina (Switzerland)

Grand  Lodge of Austria

Grand Lodge of Luxembourg

United Grand Lodges of Germany (5 Grand Lodges)

GLNF 2011-12-15-supression-reconnaissance GLNF GLNF 2011-12-15-supression-reconnaissance GLNF

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Mark Keystone 12/21/2011 00:09

Interesting that they met in London on the very day of UGLE Quarterly Communications and AFAIK (I wasn't there) there was nothing in the General Purposes Board's Report concerning GNLF nor was
anything said.

Frats from across the ditch.

Winnie 12/21/2011 09:46

I am sure the choice of London as a venue was not an innocent one. And if you study the wording of the declaration it is obvious that the author or authors
are native English speakers. You can draw your own conclusions.

Arturusrex 12/20/2011 18:34

"With deep regret" is the saccharine in the message from these 5 Grand Lodges. it could well be the start of the final avalanche that will bury the glnf for good. Perhaps indeed "for good", or , at
least, for better. Now we know, over here in France, that the new regular (and, we hope) recognised Grand Lodge will not be a remake of the GLNF but a completely new structure. Lodges and brethren
who have joined the Union (ULRF) will now very soon be able to move forward without having to look back any more.

Winnie 12/20/2011 21:08